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The 'Twilight' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Posted By Gary Susman on Nov 21st 2013 10:19AM
Summit Hard to believe, but there was a time before "The Twilight Saga." Five long years ago, Stephenie Meyer's books were best-sellers, but most people didn't know about her sparkly romantic vampires. "Kellan Lutz" and "Jackson Rathbone" were not household names. And Kristen Stewart was still best known for playing Jodie Foster's asthmatic little girl in "Panic Room." All that changed five... read more

'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Supercut Exists, Reveals Director Bill Condon

Posted By Jenni Miller on September 09, 2013
Summit Entertainment Director Bill Condon was at the Toronto International Film Festival last week for the world premiere of "The Fifth Estate," his drama about controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. So naturally the Oscar winner received questions about his work on the two-part adaptation of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn." While it seemed safe to say that the final nail had...

'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz to Join 'The Expendables 3'?

Posted By Jenni Miller on July 07, 2013
Chris Weeks/Getty The backbone of "The Expendables" franchise are the action dudes who made it happen back in the day, like Ah-nold and movie mastermind Sylvester Stallone. In every "Expendables," though, there's a new guy to pass the torch to, and this time around, it could be Kellan Lutz. Lutz, who's best known for playing Emmett Cullen in the "Twilight" franchise, is in "early talks"...

Most Awkward Sex Scenes of 2011: From 'Breaking Dawn' to 'Shame,' the Top 11 in '11

Posted By Sharon Knolle on December 12, 2011
This list started life as the "11 Sexiest Movie Scenes of 2011." Unfortunately, there was one problem: Not a lot of people were having happy, fulfilling sex in the movies this year. Almost every time a pair of actors was about to get it on, we got a PG-13 evening instead of an R-rated one -- to quote Emma Stone in 'Crazy, Stupid Love,' right before ... you guessed it, she and Ryan Gosling did...

Michelle Trachtenberg on How She Might Have Been Bella in 'Twilight'

Posted By Sharon Knolle on December 12, 2011
Michelle Trachtenberg as Bella Swan? Unthinkable to most 'Twilight' fans, but the 'Gossip Girl' actress revealed Wednesday night to Us Weekly that she nearly landed the role that went to Kristen Stewart. "There was definitely interest here and there because there's only so few pale girls in Hollywood," she said. (What, Taylor Momsen wasn't available?) But Trachtenberg said she's "already done the...

'Breaking Dawn' Birth Scene Reportedly Causing Seizures

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2011
Warning! 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1' can not only cause severe swooning, but seizures! That's no joke for audience members who have found themselves passing out during the intense birth scene. The flashing of red, black and white during the climactic scene is apparently triggering seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy. Brandon Gephart in Roseville, Calif. was "convulsing, snorting, [and]...

'Breaking Dawn': Bella's Wedding Dress For Sale (Well, a Copy Anyway)

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2011
If you loved Bella's wedding dress in 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' and want to wear it on your big walk down the aisle, you're in luck: The official licensed replica of the gown by designer Carolina Herrera is now available. You'll have to shell out $799, but as far as wedding dresses go, that's still on the somewhat reasonable side. The copy of the '30s-style movie dress was created by Alfred...

'Breaking Dawn' DUI: Girl Blames Arrest on Boyfriend Who Wouldn't Take Her to See 'Twilight'

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2011
An 18-year-old 'Twilight' fan whose boyfriend refused to take her to see 'Breaking Dawn' as he had promised ended up driving her car into a ditch in Aurora, Illinois. (Also home to one Wayne Campbell). Olivia Ornelas was determined to get to the movie anyway, and didn't let the lack of a front tire and being "extremely intoxicated" stop her. What did stop her was a ditch, where police...

How 'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer Slimmed Down

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2011
'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer was noticeably slimmer when she showed up at the handprint and footprint ceremony for stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner earlier this month. How did she shed the pounds? "Honestly, watching what she eats, and exercise," screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg told the LA Times at the 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1' premiere. "Diet and exercise. And she...

'Breaking Dawn' Post-Credits Bonus Scene: Teased in Trailer?

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2011
As fans well know, 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1' ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but don't bolt for the exits when the credits start: There's a bonus scene that teases a major conflict in 'Part 2,' as Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) tweeted earlier today. What's the scene in question? Hint: you've actually seen a chunk of it in the trailer. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!...

Bella and Edward's 'Breaking Dawn' Mishap, and Other Movie Honeymoons Gone Awry

Posted By Annette Bourdeau on November 11, 2011
ZOMG, Bella and Edward are getting married! Their love has overcome all obstacles, and these two crazy kids (OK, one crazy kid and one sparkly old guy in a crazy kid's body) are finally gonna make the ultimate commitment in 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1.' To be followed, of course, by an extra-romantic super-sparkly honeymoon. Or not....

Bella's Parents' Murderous Pasts! The 'Twilight'-'24' Connection

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2011
At Bella and Edward's wedding in 'Breaking Dawn Part 1,' Bella's dad, Charlie Swan (Billy Burke), makes a somewhat-threatening toast, where he mentions he's very good at hunting people down -- if necessary. Edward, heed those words! Long before Burke played Kristen Stewart's loving dad and small-town sheriff in the 'Twilight' franchise, he was on the other side of the law as a brutal...

Chaske Spencer, 'Twilight' Wolfpack Leader, on Taylor Lautner, Getting Fat and Saying Goodbye to 'Twilight'

Posted By Annette Bourdeau on November 11, 2011
Get ready to see 'Twilight' hunk Chaske Spencer in a completely new light -- everybody's favorite wolfpack leader packed on the pounds for his role in the upcoming flick 'Winter of the Blood,' and then took his new look to the next level by adding a mullet to the equation for 'Desert Cathedral.' But fear not, 'Twilight' fans; Spencer is as buff and mullet-free as ever in the highly anticipated...

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to Cement Their Status as Movie Stars

Posted By Sharon Knolle on October 10, 2011
Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are following in the footprints of Marilyn Monroe, George Clooney and hundreds of other cinema icons. Literally! The hand and footprints of the 'Twilight' trio will be immortalized in concrete at the legendary Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The big event (book your tickets to L.A. now!) takes place Nov 3., just two weeks before 'Breaking Dawn,...

Report: Robert Pattinson to Record an Album, Display Amazing Musical Chops

Posted By Sharon Knolle on September 09, 2011
Bieber, watch your back: 'Twilight' hunk Robert Pattinson reportedly wants to bring his brooding intensity to the music studio because "music is his first love." (Sorry, Kristen Stewart.) According to Us Weekly, he's planning to record an album, one that would allegedly sound like "Ray LaMontagne meets Van Morrison." The fact that Pattinson has musical tendencies isn't news to Twi-hards, since...

Watch 16 Seconds of 'Breaking Dawn': Bella Gets a Baby Bump

Posted By Sharon Knolle on September 09, 2011
As any 'Twilight' fan knows, Bella's pregnancy is far from normal. Now, we're seeing just what a toll it's taking on the newlywed. "It's crushing you from the inside out," Edward (Robert Pattinson) says to Bella (Kristen Stewart) in a new clip from 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1.' Oh, noes. Watch ahead....

New 'Breaking Dawn' Photo Shows Bella Getting Ready for Her Wedding

Posted By Sharon Knolle on September 09, 2011
A new photo from 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1' shows Bella (Kristen Stewart) getting ready to walk down the aisle as her parents, played by Billy Burke and Sarah Clarke, look on lovingly. Actually, mom looks like she's about to cry. It's not every day you give your daughter away to a vampire, even one as dreamy as Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). The image above, with Alice (Ashley Greene)...

Robert Pattinson Spills Details About Bed-Shaking 'Breaking Dawn' Sex Scene

Posted By Sharon Knolle on August 08, 2011
'Twilight' fans have been waiting for Bella and Edward's epic wedding night for what seems like centuries: Now Robert Pattinson tells EW about that passionate, bed-shaking moment when Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen finally get it on in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1. In the Fall Movie Preview issue (out this Friday), Pattinson, joked about how Edward's undead passion proves the...

Yes, Stephenie Meyer Has a Cameo in 'Breaking Dawn'

Posted By Sharon Knolle on June 06, 2011
It's not really news to Twihards that 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer will have a cameo in 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 1,' as Summit Entertainment confirmed today. Fans are pretty sure they've already spotted her as a guest at the Swan-Cullen wedding. That's apparently Meyer on the left, seen standing up as Bella (Kristen Stewart) walks down the aisle. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and...

New 'Breaking Dawn' Clip Premieres on MTV Movie Awards

Posted By Sharon Knolle on June 06, 2011
Missed the hotly awaited first clip from 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1' that aired during the MTV Movie Awards? Don't fret, Twihards, we've got you covered. The exclusive footage (presented by none other than Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner), shows the lucky guests receiving their invite to the movie wedding of the year. Of course, Jacob is none too happy...

MTV Movie Awards Preview: Big Names, Bigger Sneak Peeks

Posted By Sharon Knolle on June 06, 2011
Sure, we're deeply invested in who wins that nifty Golden Popcorn trophy for 'Best Kiss' at this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards (our bet's on Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis for their 'Black Swan' smooch). But we're also really amped to see exclusive trailers from 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2,' 'Breaking Dawn' and 'Super 8,' plus the usual parade of hot stars. This year, look for...

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