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Moviefone Mash: Movie Spoilers

Posted By Avaryl Halley on Sep 3rd 2010 5:04PM
WARNING: The following video contains major spoilers from the last 70 years of cinema -- so don't watch it unless you want to know the secrets to some of the greatest reveals, twists, and iconic endings in film history. We mean it. There are spoilers here. Big, big spoilers. A lot of them. But if you still insist on pushing play, just remember ... you've been warned. Major spoilers and... read more

Movie Monster Transformations: Watch These Humans Sprout Fangs, Fur and Eeeevil Eyes

Posted By Avaryl Halley on September 09, 2010
'Eclipse' comes out this week in all its werewolf-vampire-love-triangle glory... which got us thinking about movie monsters before they were the objects of our angst-ridden love and affection, back when werewolves were more famous for their grotesque transformations than their rock hard pecs (not that we're complaining.) Incredible transformation scene involve more than just werewolves and vamp...

We Love New York ... in the Movies

Posted By Avaryl Halley on September 09, 2010
'Sex and the City 2' comes out this week, and we couldn't help but wonder: What better way to celebrate than to pay tribute to New York City, the undisputed greatest city in the world? (In our humble opinions, anyway.) New York, New York ... What a wonderful town. It's where you go to become a star, to fall in love, and most importantly, to find a place to call home. Every inch of sidewalk has ...

Two Guns Are Better Than One

Posted By Avaryl Halley on July 07, 2013
This week, guns are blazing in the new actioner 'The Losers,' and in a matter of weeks, the first string of summer blockbusters will be upon us. So what better way to get pumped up for the likes of 'Iron Man 2' (and, of course, 'MacGruber') than to shine a light on one of our favorite action movie clichés? The simple fact is, contrary to practicality and realism, two guns are indeed b...

John Cusack in the Rain

Posted By Kevin Polowy on September 09, 2010
You know that old cliché from cartoons where the gray cloud follows around a character, persistingly raining down on them? In movies, that character is John Cusack. You may not notice from a single viewing of classic Cusack material like 'Say Anything' or 'High Fidelity.' But watch enough JC films like us, and the trend becomes disturbingly apparent. We will say this, though. Cusack w...

The Language of Johnny Depp

Posted By Kevin Polowy on September 09, 2010
Johnny Depp has a language all his own. Whether the 'Alice in Wonderland' star is creating his own vernacular, rambling incoherently or exploring the rarely trodden middle ground between lexeme and laughter, he may be the only actor in Hollywood who can make an art form out of saying, well, nothing....

I Love You Over and Over Again

Posted By Avaryl Halley on February 02, 2013
We here at Moviefone may sometimes front like hardened cynics, complaining about how hackneyed or contrived the latest romantic comedy is, or even going so far as to rank the 25 worst ever. But deep down, we're hopeless romantics just like everyone else (yeah, even you, Steven Seagal). To prove it, we've crafted this tribute to love and romance. Send it to the person (or people) you love... ...

Mel Gibson is MAD!

Posted By Kevin Polowy on October 10, 2010
In the inaugural edition of our new series The Moviefone Mash, we "celebrate" Mel Gibson's return to the silver screen in the revenge-thriller 'Edge of Darkness' by looking back at his greatest hits of on-camera craziness. So sit back, relax and enjoy the preternatural intensity that is Mad Mel. Warning: Video contains graphic images and language. So in other words... NSFW!...

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