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Moviefone Minute: Top 5 Movies That Deserve a Broadway Musical

Posted By Jenna Busch on Oct 14th 2010 12:15AM
For the final entry in our special edition Moviefone Minute: Top 5 lists, we have the Top 5 Movies That Deserve a Broadway Musical. The list was inspired by a blog post on Moviefone by one of our editors. And for the most part, I agree. We've got drunken playboys, a film that started a fashion trend, and a classic love story. But the final pick is going to get people talking and it threw me for a ... read more

Moviefone Minute: Top 5 Movies to Share With Your Son

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
Our movie editors love to come up with lists, and this week we're bringing you the Moviefone Minute: Top 5 edition. Today's list is the Top 5 Movies to Share With Your Son, inspired by a blog post on Moviefone. Now, I don't have a son and I'm not a guy, but I'm a huge fan of all these films. We've got road trips, football stories and superheroes. I think it's time for a movie marathon, don't you? ...

Moviefone Minute: Top 5 Best Movie Breakup Scenes

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
From now until Thursday, we're bringing you our Moviefone Top 5 lists. Today we have the Top 5 Best Movie Breakup Scenes, inspired by an article right here on Moviefone. Boy oh boy do we have some crazy ones for you! Naked breakups, parting lines that are a slap in the face, and wishing your partner's hair would turn into dog poo. Yikes! So what films do you think have the best breakup scenes? ...

Moviefone Minute: Top 5 TV Shows That Need Their Own Movie

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
From Monday through Thursday this week, we're doing a special edition of the Moviefone Minute. Our Top 5's! Today's topic? TV shows that should have their own films. All that 'Superman' talk and the 'Smallville' final season got me thinking about which small screen shows deserve to be seen in a giant room with expensive snacks and a ton of other fans. We'd love to hear your picks, so leave them in...

Moviefone Minute: Mike Myers as Pepe Le Pew and Johnny Depp Helps a Little Girl Mutiny

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
You remember Pepe Le Pew, don't you? The Looney Tunes skunk with the French accent who stalked a poor kitty cat named Penelope. Well, Mike Meyers is about to take on the fragrant role in a new live action/CGI film. Sacre bleu! (Source: Vulture) Johnny Depp just did what I think might be the coolest movie promotion of all time. The star of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' just answe...

Moviefone Minute: 'Superman' Plot Rumors and 'Transformers' Gets a Title

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
'Superman Returns' star Brandon Routh has just signed on to do an indie film with his real life wife, so he's out of the running for the brand new 'Superman' film. The casting rumors are listing everyone from Jon Hamm to Nathan Fillion to Armie Hammer. I'll let you know why it's the younger actors we're going to be choosing from. (Source: Vulture) Shia LaBeouf has been singing the praises of 'T...

Moviefone Minute: Shia Promises Us 'Transformers 3' Will Deliver and Yet Another Version of 'Avatar'

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
It's really refreshing to hear honesty in Hollywood. It's also very rare. Shia LaBeouf has been pretty forthcoming about his opinions of some of his films. His comments about the last 'Indiana Jones' film weren't exactly flattering. And he wasn't all that nice about 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.' Really, how could he have been. My only positive comment about that film was that Megan Fox ha...

Moviefone Minute: 'Superman' Finds a Director and 'Spider-Man' Finally Has His Mary Jane

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
It's the one remake no one seems to be complaining about. And if my e-mail inbox is to be believed, you're certainly upset about all the others. 'Superman' has finally found its director! And in my humble opinion, it's a fantastic choice. I imagine not all of you agree. After you watch the video, give me a shout at @jennabusch on Twitter or e-mail me at I'd love to know your t...

Moviefone Minute: Movie Poster Legend Drew Struzan

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
Drew Struzan has done all of my favorite movie posters. 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,' 'E.T.,' 'Back to the Future,' 'Hook,' and about a zillion more. He's just released a book called, 'The Art of Drew Struzan' with never before seen pictures that chronicle the process of creating the art that defines the movies. He also has some of the best stories I've ever heard about behind the scenes Hollyw...

Moviefone Minute: 'Secretariat' Premiere

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
Last night I hit the El Capitan theater in Hollywood for the premiere of the new Disney film, 'Secretariat.' Diane Lane stars as Penny Chenery, the housewife who braved setback after setback and produced the 1973 Triple Crown winning horse that still holds the speed record. I got a chance to chat with Lane, John Malkovich, James Cromwell and more. And we even got a chance to see the horse who w...

Moviefone Minute: October Movie Preview

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
October has got some pretty juicy movie offerings. We've got young vampires in love ... and believe me, I'm not talking about another 'Twilight' here. There are CIA agents coming out of retirement, famous horses and the afterlife. It's a pretty mixed bag, but there are some stellar choices you definitely shouldn't miss. One of these is 'The Social Network.' I saw this film and if it isn't nomin...

Moviefone Minute: 'Twilight' Finds It's Vampire Child and Josh Holloway Joins 'Mission: Impossible 4'

Posted By Jenna Busch on October 10, 2010
Fans of the 'Twilight' series have been endlessly debating the best way to handle the vampire baby, Renesmee, in the fourth and fifth films. Well, we may not know exactly how they're going to pull it off, but we do know who will be playing her. I'll let you know who has landed the coveted role in today's video. (Source: EW) I've missed Josh Holloway since 'Lost' wrapped up its final season. And...

Moviefone Minute: New 'Hobbit' Woes and a New 'Harry Potter' Book? Maybe?

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
You have to feel bad for the people involved with the upcoming 'Hobbit' films. They just can't seem to catch a break, what with money troubles and talent leaving or threatening to leave the project. Now, there's a union boycott, and that boycott may keep the film from being shot in New Zealand. I'll give you all the details in today's video. (Source: Variety) Meanwhile, could it be true? Is the...

Moviefone Minute: Top 5 '80s Characters I'd Like to Catch Up With

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' opens today and we're finally getting a chance to see what would have happened to ole Gordon 'greed is good' Gekko 23 years later. And with the news that we might also get a chance to see what happened to our old pals from 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' in another sequel, I started thinking about what other '80s characters I'd like to catch up with. Now, ...

Moviefone Minute: 'You Again' Red Carpet

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
I love Betty White. Well, me and the rest of the universe. Seriously, she's bigger than Justin Bieber! I just hit the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of her new film 'You Again' last night and chatted with her co-stars about the "Betty White effect" -- and I may have incited a riot! Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver came wearing the same dress and I called them out on it. Of course they ...

Moviefone Minute: Top 5 Events at Fantastic Fest

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
Fantastic Fest, the coolest genre film festival ever, begins tomorrow at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, and, sadly, I can't be there! Still, there are some pretty fantastic offerings there this year, including the just-announced closing film, '13 Assassins.' There will be screenings, debates, boxing matches and people in boxes. Not exactly a typical film fest, but there you have it. I w...

Moviefone Minute: The 'I'm Still Here' Hoax and Sacha Baron Cohen Rocks You as Freddie Mercury

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
Director Casey Affleck just admitted that furry-faced Joaquin Phoenix faked it all for his documentary 'I'm Still Here.' Now, I've seen the film and I'm not so sure. I'll give you all the details and my opinion on the matter. I'm just relieved that we won't have to endure any more of his rapping. Have you seen it? Do you believe it? Will you ever be able to take him seriously again? Send me your t...

Moviefone Minute: Dream Team for Scorsese's Gangster Film and Russell Crowe Knows Kung Fu

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
A dream team is assembling for Martin Scorsese's new gangster film, 'The Irishman.' Oh, go ahead. Try and guess who might be joining him. I'd be shocked if you don't get it right. Anyone else wish this group would do something different? And yes, I'll be right there in the theater with you. I'll give you all the details. (Source: Deadline) Russell Crowe in a kung-fu movie? Oh my gosh, that's br...

Moviefone Minute: 'Easy A' Premiere

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
Like I said in yesterday's show, I love high school movies. And 'Easy A' deserves the buzz it's been getting. Not only that, but it pays homage to all the 80's movies I love. I hit the red carpet for the premiere last night and I got some info in the references, the fake sex scene and a surprise character...believe me, I had no idea who he was playing. 'Easy A' opens this Friday. And don't forg...

Moviefone Minute: Top 5 Unbelievably Awesome High School Movies

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
You know why I love high school movies? Same reason you do. They're silly and unbelievable. Especially the ones from the 80's. And they're unbelievably charming. I'm hitting the red carpet for the upcoming film 'Easy A' tonight (check out the coverage tomorrow) and it made my think of my favorites. So here they are. My top 5 unbelievably awesome high school movies. I think it's time to update my N...

Moviefone Minute: 'Lord of the Rings' Blu-ray Giveaway and 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' Casting

Posted By Jenna Busch on September 09, 2010
We've got some casting news for 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,' which takes a look at fairy tale favorites Hansel and Gretel -- 15 years later, all grown up (with jobs, even!). The producers have taken what could have just been a goofy title and classed it up with the actors they've added. For the record, wouldn't a candy house have a serious ant problem? Well, I suppose the whole "being a wit...

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