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George Clooney Is Officially Married Now

Posted By The Associated Press on September 09, 2014
PATRICIA THOMAS, Associated Press ANDREW MEDICHINI, Associated Press VENICE, Italy (AP) - George Clooney married human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin Saturday, the actor's representative said, out of sight of pursuing paparazzi and adoring crowds. A smiling Clooney traveled up the spectacular Grand Canal to his wedding standing coolly aboard a water-taxi, waving to hundreds of well-wishers on...

Here Is the 'Outlander' Cast, Costume-Free (PHOTOS)

Posted By Alana Altmann on September 09, 2014
Costumes and makeup can truly transform an actor or actress into their TV character, especially when it comes to period dramas. Just look at the cast of "Game of Thrones" or the latest epic romance sensation, "Outlander." "Outlander," based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon, is about about a nurse from 1945 named Claire Randall who is swept back into time to 1743 Scotland. Its stars are usually...

'Game of Thrones' Star Joins 'Maze Runner' Sequel as Villain

Posted By Jenni Miller on September 09, 2014
From "The Wire" to "Game of Thrones," Aidan Gillen is no stranger to playing shady, manipulative characters. Now he's taking his act to the big screen with a role in "Maze Runner: Scorch Trials," the sequel to "The Maze Runner." ` Aidan Gillen will be joining the dystopian party as Janson, AKA Rat-Face, who is a big cheese in an organization known as W.I.C.K.E.D., the World In Catastrophe...

7 Stars You Never Knew Were Banned From 'Saturday Night Live'

Posted By Corey Teich on September 09, 2014
"Saturday Night Live" is a treasured cornerstone of American television, and it's almost hard to believe that, on September 27th, the show will make its 40th season debut. Now, we're going to assume that premiere host Chris Pratt has been an absolute gentleman in the week leading up to the premiere -- his SNL promos are charming as ever -- but it should be noted that there have been more than a...

Here Are All the Fake '22 Jump Street' Sequels (PHOTOS)

Posted By Jonny Black on September 09, 2014
In case you didn't get enough of those hilarious "Jump Street" sequels, we got you covered. After " 22 Jump Street" came to its end and the credits began to roll, audiences were inundated with one fake poster after another and, honestly, we still can't decide which one was best. Maybe it was the one where Seth Rogen tries to pass as Jonah Hill... Or was it "25 Jump Street: A Semester at Sea"?...

Watch Ben Affleck Flirt With Rosamund Pike in This Clip From 'Gone Girl'

Posted By Jenni Miller on September 09, 2014
The time for "Gone Girl" draws nigh, but most of us plebes have to wait another week to see the David Fincher thriller. Until then, let us enjoy this brief clip of Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy (Rosamund Pike) meeting for the first time at someone's lame party, where they trade some pithy quips over beer. Amy dodges and parries while Nick charms and cajoles, and it's all just a little bit too...

Kevin Hart Is a Hilarious Best Man for Hire in 'The Wedding Ringer' Trailer

Posted By Jenni Miller on September 09, 2014
What happens if you're a groom without any groomsmen? Well, if you're like Doug (Josh Gad), you hire a professional like Jimmy (Kevin Hart) to pretend to be your best man and best pal for the duration of your wedding. It's more expensive but less time-consuming than going on a lot of man-dates a la "I Love You Man," especially if you don't like bonding over Rush and "slappin' da bass." Doug...

Mila Kunis Takes Charge in New 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer

Posted By Jenni Miller on September 09, 2014
This trailer for Andy and Lana Wachowski's "Jupiter Ascending" has accomplished the unthinkable, and that's to make us look forward to next February. Sean Bean's character Stinger - who is part bee, thank you - gives Jupiter (Mila Kunis) the scoop on the intergalactic mishegoss she's been dragged into as the unwitting heir to an alien dynasty. Channing Tatum, who plays a half-albino wolf/human...

​What Should We Expect From Season 40 of 'Saturday Night Live'?

Posted By Gary Susman on September 09, 2014
There's a lot that will seem different this weekend when the 40th season of "Saturday Night Live" premieres, with Chris Pratt as guest host. Many old faces and voices gone, some new ones just arrived, and even some on-air talent demoted But more than those cosmetic changes, what should we be expecting from the four-decade-old comedy show? For one thing, we can expect the chaos and growing pains...

Woman Sues Disney for Stealing 'Frozen' From Her Life

Posted By Drew Taylor on September 09, 2014
Well, this is something of a stretch... A New Jersey-based author named Isabella Tanikumi has filed a lawsuit against Disney claiming that their animated blockbuster "Frozen" incorporated elements from her books, "Living My Truth" and "Yearning of My Heart," both of which are autobiographical. Please keep in mind that "Frozen" is adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Snow Queen"...

Prepare for 'Revenge' Season 4 With the 7 Biggest Season 3 Shockers

Posted By Mehera Bonner on September 09, 2014
"Revenge" is making its triumphant return to ABC for another season of beachside drama on Sunday September 28, but let's be real: this show is just as convoluted as it is addictive. Between the double identities, conniving blue bloods, socialite sleuthing, and undead former terrorists, you might find yourself slightly confused as we enter "Revenge's" fourth season. Luckily, we have you covered...

34 TV Shows Missing From Netflix That Need to Be Added Yesterday

Posted By Tim Hayne on September 09, 2014
Listen up, Netflix. You've given us countless hours of binge-watching splendor, but we want more. Sure, your exclusive series are great ("House of Cards"! "Orange Is the New Black"!) and the fact that you have every season of "The Walking Dead" available to watch 24/7 is killer, but there are still a few cherished TV series that are missing from your reasonably priced, wonderfully accessible...

Chloë Grace Moretz Facts: 17 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About the Young Star

Posted By Jonny Black on September 09, 2014
She may be a teenager, but Chloë Grace Moretz already has over 40 film and TV credits to her name. Moretz got her start early, making her big screen debut at the age of 6 in "Amityville Horror," but it wasn't until 2010 that she broke out in bloody crowd-pleaser "Kick-Ass." Since her performance as the tough-as-nails Hit-Girl, the actress has turned in memorable starring performances in...

Watch Samuel L. Jackson Sing Robin S's 'Show Me Love,' Karaoke-Style

Posted By Drew Taylor on September 09, 2014
It probably shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Samuel L. Jackson is pretty much great at everything. He's an incredible actor, a fine spokesperson for low interest credit cards, and we're pretty sure he's the voice of Nick Fury in a new Disney videogame we just bought. Also, it turns out, he's one hell of a karaoke star. That's right: the man can belt it. Daisy Lowe, the super hot,...

15 '80s TV Shows That Would Make Suprisingly Awesome Movies

Posted By Gary Susman on September 09, 2014
"The Equalizer," Denzel Washington's big-screen take on the 1980s TV action series about a middle-aged badass-for-hire, may be a perfectly fine movie. Still, here's a question for Hollywood: once you're adapting "The Equalizer," doesn't it mean you've dipped into the '80s TV well a few times too many? "Equalizer" joins such '80s TV-to-film adaptations as "The A-Team," "Miami Vice," "Inspector...

Best of Late Night TV: Chris Pratt's Amazing Headshot Story, Jerry Seinfeld's Unique Bucket List (VIDEO)

Posted By Gina Carbone on September 09, 2014
If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night. Chris Pratt was on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night, confessing to Jimmy Fallon that he would steal "Saturday Night Live" sketches and re-perform them in high...

You Can Dress as Sexy Olaf From 'Frozen' for Halloween, Because Everything Is Terrible (PHOTO)

Posted By Katie Roberts on September 09, 2014
Do you want to build a snowman? Or a sexy snowman? Online costume retailer Yandy is giving customers the latter option for Halloween this year by selling a sexed-up version of a costume mimicking Olaf from "Frozen." While they don't have permission from Disney to use his name or reference the hit animated flick, there's no mistaking that they're going for the goofy sidekick that they've dubbed...

10 Life Lessons Learned From 'Freaks and Geeks' (GIFs)

Posted By Alana Altmann on September 09, 2014
If you haven't seen the critically-acclaimed, albeit short-lived masterpiece that is "Freaks and Geeks," we suggest you do so immediately. And if you're overdue for a binge-watch, we think now would be the perfect time to revisit some old friends. Judd Apatow's '80s-set teenage dramedy turns 15 on September 25, but it still holds up as one of the best coming-of-age TV programs of all time....

CBS Shakes Up Fall Lineup, Continues 'Big Bang Theory' Repeats

Posted By Katie Roberts on September 09, 2014
CBS is making some major changes to its fall premiere lineup, thanks to some surprising numbers pulled in by repeats of "The Big Bang Theory." The Eye network was so impressed with how old episodes of TV's number one comedy performed on Monday nights, that it's keeping its "BBT" block intact for another three weeks, affecting the premieres of both "Mom" and "The Millers." New episodes of "Big...

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Gets the Bad Lip-Reading Treatment

Posted By Tim Hayne on September 09, 2014
While we anxiously await "The Walking Dead's" Season 5 premiere (October 12!), the kind folks at Bad Lip Reading have gifted us with a perfectly timed, LOL-heavy way to look back at Season 4. There is singing, rapping, turtle- and apple-themed arguments -- it's truly fun for the whole family. And whatever you do, don't threaten the life of Daryl's turtle, Anthony. ...

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