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Chucky's Favorite Movie Kills (EXCLUSIVE)

Posted By Chucky on Oct 31st 2013 4:08PM
Everett Happy Halloween movie fans! Moviefone is joined by a very special guest: the pint-sized slasher king Chucky! The former "Good Guy" doll took a break from promoting his latest cinematic adventure "Curse of Chucky" (available now on DVD & Blu-ray) to write about his favorite past-time: gruesome movie kills on the big screen. Mixed in with the iconic bloody deaths from scary movie... read more

Obscure Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Posted By Brady Riann on October 10, 2013
Welcome back for another installment from Brady Riann, Moviefone's teenage correspondent. You'll get reviews and insights into the world of film -- from a teenage perspective. Halloween is here! And who doesn't look forward to this time of year? Kids get to roll in mounds of candy, teens have parties generally based on making bad decisions, and parents get to see the smiles on young...

Crazy Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes (PHOTOS)

Posted By Eric Larnick on October 10, 2014
Halloween is here -- have you figured out your costume yet? If you're still struggling for inspiration, there's no better place to turn than the movies. Some fans shell out big bucks for authentic Hollywood-quality disguises, while others are a little more ingenious with their DIY interpretations. But the end result is always a crowded street filled with monsters, superheroes, fantasy warriors,...

Tattoos of Terror Contest Finals: Vote for the Best Horror Movie-Themed Ink

Posted By Eric Larnick on October 10, 2013
Flickr We asked fans to submit their horror movie-themed tats, and now we have the lucky thirteen (gulp!) finalists who are eligible to win a monster-sized collection of classic scary movie Blu-rays! But we will need YOUR help to crown the king and queen of our Tattoos of Terror contest! CLICK HERE TO VOTE IN THE TATTOO OF TERROR FINALS! All you need to do is scroll through both the men's...

Kid-Friendly Horror Movies: Streaming Scary Films That Are OK For Tweens

Posted By Sandie Angulo Chen on October 10, 2013
New Line Cinema It's the third week of October, which means one thing: Halloween, costume parties, and horror programming are headed your way fast. This year, I have a middle schooler who's not so interested in dressing up for the first time (sniff!), so I'm letting him have a sleep over with a few friends and setting up the streaming queue with a few scary (but not so scary the boys will throw...

Hunger Games Halloween: Katniss, Peeta, and More Become Scary Movie Monsters (ART)

Posted By Eric Larnick on October 10, 2013
Moviefone | Dennis Culver Audiences are eagerly awaiting the premiere of "Catching Fire" (opening in a month's time!) but before the highly anticipated release hits theaters, there's another way for fans to celebrate "The Hunger Games": Halloween! And while there will be plenty of Katniss Everdeen and Effie Trinket costumes this October, we like to imagine how District 12 celebrates the...

Stephen King Movie Mistakes: 7 'Uh Oh' Moments From the Horror Author's Movies

Posted By Erin Whitney on October 10, 2013
Getty Think of any horror or suspense film with a great story and it's most likely based on a Stephen King novel. As one of the most famous contemporary authors, and one of the most widely adapted for the big screen, King has written everything from "The Shining" to "The Shawshank Redemption." This week we get a "reimagining" of King's classic 1974 novel "Carrie," starring Chloe Grace Moretz...

'Carrie' Review: The 10 Most Horrific, Parent-Shocking Moments

Posted By Sandie Angulo Chen on October 10, 2013
Sony Pictures Kimberly Peirce's new adaptation of "Carrie" is updated for the social media savvy Generation Z, but it's not exactly a revolutionary take on Stephen King's source material. If anything, it's even slightly more faithful to the book than Brian De Palma's classic (and still definitive) 1976 version, although with a decidedly more feminist lens. Starring Chloe Moretz as the titular...

Tattoos of Terror Contest: Win a Massive Scream Factory Blu-ray Prize Pack

Posted By Eric Larnick on October 10, 2013
Flickr Do you consider yourself a horror movie fan? How dedicated is your fandom? Are you willing to immortalize your favorite scary monsters and slasher flicks forever? If you're a die-hard horror fan with awesome ink, then you can win big with Moviefone's Tattoos of Terror Contest! Countless fans sport gorgeous tattoo designs celebrating their favorite macabre moments from slasher cinema --...

Disney Halloween: The Scariest Place on Earth (PHOTOS)

Posted By Eric Larnick on October 10, 2013
AP Even the "happiest place on earth" can get into the witching season. Fans usually think of summertime fun when visiting Disney World and Disneyland, but the Magic Kingdom celebrates Halloween in a big way. Classic attractions like the Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror become centerpiece events, amidst trick-or-treat parades, firework spectaculars, and movie villains roaming the park....

'Curse of Chucky' Giveaway: Watch a Scene and Win 'Chucky: The Complete Collection'

Posted By Erin Whitney on October 10, 2013
Hey kids, your favorite Chucky is back, and no we don't mean the cute, pizza-loving rat. Everyone's favorite red-headed, blue-eyed killer doll has returned in "Curse of Chucky," the sixth installment of the "Child's Play" films. This direct-to-video sequel picks up after 2004's "Seed of Chucky" when the doll arrives in the mail at the home of Sarah (Chantal Quesnelle) and her paraplegic...

Where Is the Little Kid From 'The Shining' Now?

Posted By Drew Taylor on October 10, 2013
Alamy "The Shining" is very much in the public consciousness right now. For one: it's very nearly Halloween and the Stanley Kubrick movie is a seasonal classic. Also, "Room 237," the hypnotically powerful documentary from last year about "Shining" fanatics (and their cracked conspiracy theories about the film) has just been released on Blu-ray and DVD. And, of course, Stephen King has just...

Best Prank Scenes in Movies

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2009
Every year on the night before Halloween, prank-playing diehards of all ages (well, no one over 16, we hope) take to the streets for what is lovingly referred to by those who partake in its festivities as Mischief Night. And what's Mischief Night, or any night for that matter, without a little light egging, some cleverly rigged buckets of blood, the classic "flaming bag of poop" and -- as...

'Transformers' Halloween Costumes: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron & Starscream

Posted By Jason Newman on October 10, 2009
The Costume: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Starscream, AKA what every 6-year-old and nostalgic 80s cartoon lover will be wearing this Halloween For Bumblebee: OK, it's safe to say you'll never even come lose to looking as cool as this guy for your own Bumblebee Halloween costume, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try. First and foremost, hunt down a yellow motorcycle helmet, preferably...

The Original Movie Monsters

Posted By Tom Roston on November 11, 2009
'Twilight,' 'Vampire Diaries,' 'True Blood,' 'Cirque du Freak.' We're drowning in blood! If we have to see another iteration of the vampire saga, we're going to scream. No, not like a good, horrified scream. But an I'm-sick-of-this kind of scream. With that in mind -- and Halloween arriving this weekend -- let's go back, like way back to some of the original movie monsters that scared...

Men's Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted By Alicia Roda on October 10, 2009
For the fellas who dread coming up with creative men's Halloween costume ideas, and those of you who've outgrown the "throw on a wig and go as a woman" phase, Moviefone is here to help. We've come up with men's costume ideas based on movie characters that are easy to make and sure to impress....

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Posted By Alicia Roda on October 10, 2009
Halloween costumes for couples are always a hit, but rarely unique (you know who you are, "plug and socket" and "Sonny and Cher"), so Moviefone is changing it up. We've got great Halloween costume ideas for couples and groups based on the hottest movies -- plus a few timeless classics -- that'll keep Halloween interesting. Also, you'll save money with our tips on where to shop and convenient...

'Terminator Salvation' Halloween Costume: Rantin' Christian Bale

Posted By Kim Potts on October 10, 2009
The Costume: John Connor (as played by the ranting Christian Bale) What You'll Need: Don't get us wrong, we love us some Christian Bale. But if you can't get a little bit of fun -- and a clever Halloween costume -- out of his infamous 'Terminator Salvation' set rant, you should probably just skip the trick-or-treating thang this year. So, to create a Ranting Christian Bale-as-John Connor...

Worst Horror Movies

Posted By Moviefone Staff on October 10, 2009
What makes a truly awful horror movie? The directors of our list of the 25 worst horror flicks of all time might be able to give us some guidance. We've seen enough truly bad ones to know 'em when we see 'em (and, just to clarify, we only considered movies that had theatrical releases -- because if we included straight-to-dvd stinkers, we'd be here all month), but we'll let you read through our...

'Harry Potter' Halloween Costumes: Harry, Hermione and Ron

Posted By Kim Potts on October 10, 2009
Halloween is approaching, and we're giving out treats: tips on how to dress like your favorite movie characters. The Costume: Harry, Hermione and Ron from 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' What You'll Need: For all: A Gryffindor tie, a black robe (a black graduation robe works) with the Hogwarts logo patch sewn on, a Hogwarts scarf....

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Halloween Costume

Posted By Kim Potts on October 10, 2009
Halloween is approaching, and we're giving out treats: tips on how to dress like your favorite movie characters. The Costume: Wolverine What You'll Need: You can purchase a ready-made "Classic" Wolverine get-up, or you can do a DIY version of the modern -- a.k.a. Hugh Jackman's hotter version -- Wolvie. Essential elements: Faded jeans, large metal belt buckle, boots, white tank top...

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