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'Elysium: The Art of Film' Companion Book: A Film Nerd's Dream (PHOTOS)

Posted By Annette Bourdeau on Aug 8th 2013 12:31PM
Sony Pictures Chances are pretty good that one viewing of "Elysium" won't be enough to take in everything the epic flick has to offer. But fear not -- one of August's most highly anticipated movies has an incredibly comprehensive companion book, so you can easily get your fill of all things "Elysium." The stunning book from UK-based publisher Titan includes an interesting foreword by director... read more

Superman's Super Financial Feats Through the Ages (INFOGRAPHIC)

Posted By Moviefone Staff on June 06, 2013
When high school buddies Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster handed off their flying character to DC Comics for approximately $100,000 in 1938, little did they know their alien would leap in a single bound to become America's most beloved action hero. Kal-El, Clark Kent, the original Big Blue Boy Scout, call him whatever, Superman is celebrating 75 years of saving the world from all conceivable...

'Drive Thru': The Funniest 'Drive' Parody You'll See This Week (VIDEO)

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2011
Ryan Gosling, chew on this: A new 'Funny or Die' parody of your ultra-serious indie, 'Drive.' 'Drive Thru' isn't about a guy who moonlights as a getaway driver, but a guy who'll pick up your burger and fries for you. For a price, of course. Instead of a badass scorpion design, this guy rocks the Golden Arches logo on his silk jacket. Our favorite bit (besides the appearance of a fast food...

The Muppets Demonstrate What Not to Do at the Movies (VIDEO)

Posted By Sharon Knolle on October 10, 2011
The Muppets: still educational after all these years. Their latest lesson: Don't be a jerk at the cineplex. Like, don't text, don't bring your banana phone (we're looking at you, Fozzie Bear) and don't bring your microwave (ahem, Swedish Chef). In a new clip for AMC Theatres, Miss Piggy loses it as her fellow Muppets indulge in bad behavior that's only slightly worse than your average humans....

Hobbit Grudge Match! Elijah Wood Challenges Dominic Monaghan (VIDEO)

Posted By Sharon Knolle on September 09, 2011
Sure, the Fellowship couldn't last forever, but who knew it would come down to hobbit versus hobbit? Former 'Lord of the Rings' castmates Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan will throw down at this year's Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, and Wood (the onetime mild-mannered Frodo) appears to be taking the match very seriously. In a video challenge to Monaghan, he shows how hard he's working out...

Photo of the Day: Ingmar Bergman On the Set of 'Jaws' (No, Really)

Posted By Sharon Knolle on September 09, 2011
Your likely first thought on seeing this photo of Ingmar Bergman on the set of 'Jaws' -- Photoshop! And yet that really does appear to be the legendary Swedish director examining the mouth of Bruce the shark. Since this photo comes courtesy of The Criterion Collection's Facebook page (and not, say, eBay), it seems pretty legit....

'Bridesmaids' Cast Cracks Up in 10-Minute Blooper Reel (VIDEO)

Posted By Sharon Knolle on September 09, 2011
If you had a hard time keeping a straight face through 'Bridesmaids,' imagine what it was like for the cast when filming. A newly released blooper reel for the film (out on DVD/Blu-ray next week), highlights the difficulty, with Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm as stand-out offenders. Bing bong! (You'll understand that reference after watching ahead.)...

'Toy Story' Short Film Made With Real Toys (And a Lot of Broccoli)

Posted By Sharon Knolle on September 09, 2011
A new 'Toy Story' short finds Buzz Lightyear taking on space villain Zurg on a distant planet and ... wait, is that a forest made out of asparagus? In this video short Buzz is real (well, a real toy) and yep, that's an asparagus fort in a "toymation video short." It starts off with a real boy playing with his new 'Toy Story: Space Mission' toys. Then, the backgrounds become a mix of...

Love Movies? Love Cult Art? Then 'Crazy 4 Cult' Is the Book for You

Posted By Annette Bourdeau on June 06, 2011
Calling all cinephiles: Your dream coffee table book hits the shelves this week. 'Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art' features artwork inspired by cult classics like 'Office Space,' 'The Big Lebowski,' Edward Scissorhands,' 'A Clockwork Orange' and many, many more. You may even find pieces inspired by some of your more obscure faves, like 'They Live' and 'She-Devils on Wheels.' The compilation...

'George Lucas Strikes Back' in Hilarious Star Wars Spoof

Posted By Sharon Knolle on June 06, 2011
How do you explain the drastic difference between the awesomeness of the original Star Wars films and the complete suckitude of those awful prequels? Simple: The man who made 'The Phantom Menace' was not the real George Lucas. That's the premise behind the hilarious 'George Lucas Strikes Back' trailer from Slick Gigolo. It all begins when Lucas contemplates making "smaller, more personal...

Fans Puzzle Over Mysterious 'Dark Knight Rises' Site

Posted By Sharon Knolle on May 05, 2011
Warner Bros. launched its website for 'The Dark Knight Rises' this morning, and obsessive fans are already poring over what the unusual, minimalist site means. Head to and all you'll get is a black page ... and a mysterious sound file of sinister, incoherent chanting. The file is titled "rises" and plays automatically when the page loads. That's it. No release...

If Movie Posters Told the Truth: 'Super 8,' 'Pirates,' 'The Beaver' Get Skewered

Posted By Sharon Knolle on May 05, 2011
Let's face it, who cares what 'Cowboys & Aliens' is called, we all know that James Bond + Indiana Jones + the chick from 'TRON' = geek nirvana, right? Bringing you truth-in-advertising is the 2011 edition of "If Summer Movie Posters Told the Truth." Now 'Super 8' is 'E.T. With Lens Flare,' (from "Brown-noser J.J. Abrams with a token credit for Steven Spielberg."), and 'The Beaver' is now...

Coolest Mashup Ever? 'The Batman Complex' Is All in Christian Bale's Mind

Posted By Sharon Knolle on April 04, 2011
What do you get when you mash up two (or more) of Christopher Nolan's best films? The suggestion that Batman exists only in the mind of Christian Bale, and that that insidious idea was planted by the team from 'Inception.' It's the brainchild of themanbatman, who has expanded an earlier version of this elegantly constructed trailer for a film we wish really existed. This neat bit of editing...

'Star Wars' Redone As Existentialist Treatise: Despair!

Posted By Sharon Knolle on April 04, 2011
Who knew that 'Star Wars: A New Hope' was actually about despair, ennui and the pain of existence? Well, it is -- if you dub key scenes in French with quotes from Existentialist writer/philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, as an enterprising 'Star Wars' fan has. Now, C-3PO and R2-D2's trek through the desert is about the agony of loneliness, while Princess Leia isn't conveying secret plans to...

Handy Size Chart for Sci-Fi Sandworms

Posted By Sharon Knolle on April 04, 2011
Finally, an answer to the question that's plagued sci-fi geeks for decades: How do the sandworms from 'Tremors' stack up against the ones from 'Dune'? What about the nasty, tentacled Sarlacc from 'Return of the Jedi' that nearly gobbled up Lando Calrissian? Fear not: The folks at Neatorama have supplied a handy, dandy size chart next time this hot topic comes up. Click for sandworm...

Remember When Woody Allen Was a Stand-Up Comedian? We Do! (VIDEO)

Posted By Jason Newman on September 09, 2010
Woody Allen has been a master comic filmmaker for decades, with 'Annie Hall,' 'Bananas' and 'Sleeper' longtime entries into the comedy film canon. For years, though, prior to his first film --1966's Japanese spy movie send-up 'What's Up, Tiger Lily?,' -- Allen could be found plying his stand-up in small clubs across the country. 'Standup Comic,' the compilation of Allen's mid-1960s material...

Watch Fans Recreate Scenes From 'The Blob' and 'A Streetcar Named Desire' (VIDEO)

Posted By Gabrielle Dunn on September 09, 2010
Blobfest 2010 is just wrapping up in Phoenixville, PA, at the site of The Colonial, the actual theater where the famous running scene from 'The Blob' was shot. What is Blobfest? It's where fans of the iconic 1958 Steve McQueen film reenact the iconic running-from-the-theater scene (below) amongst a huge crowd. In the video from this year's Blobfest, you can see parents running with their...

Peter Bogdanovich Debuts His New Film Column: Blogdanovich

Posted By Eric Larnick on September 09, 2010
indieWire is proud to welcome to its newest film blogger: legendary director Peter Bogdanovich. Bogdanovich's new column -- the appropriately titled "Blogdanovich" -- will profile classic films from Hollywood's Golden Age of cinema. On his first day, the director has already shone a spotlight on 'Ball of Fire,' 'Meet Me In St. Louis,' 'Love Affair' and John Cassavettes' legendary 'A Women Under...

Thomas Haden Church Annoyed by Film Set Near His Texas Ranch (VIDEO)

Posted By Moviefone Staff on September 09, 2010
'Sideways' co-star Thomas Haden Church is upset that a movie is being filmed 18 miles from his ranch in Texas. In an interview on 'The Tonight Show,' he quipped, "I don't want movies being shot near me. I don't like the orgies, I don't like the catering, I don't like the goat sacrifices that go along with movie-making." But in all seriousness, he's been siding with fellow locals. When the...

Moviegoer's Choice -- Tell Us What You Love About Your Local Theater

Posted By Elizabeth Brady on September 09, 2010
Sometimes going to the movies isn't just about the films themselves. All the experiences of the theater -- the marquee, the ushers, the smell of popcorn filling the air, the $9 boxes of Sno-Caps -- contribute to making a trip out of it for millions each year. And since plenty of theaters around the country have a history and personality of their own, Moviefone wants to hear about them for our...

2010 Venice Film Festival Reviews and Buzz

Posted By Moviefone Staff on September 09, 2010
The 2010 Venice Film Festival runs from Sept. 1-11, 2010. Keep checking this thread for the latest news, reviews and updates from the festival ... The 67th annual Venice Film Festival kicked off last night with the highly anticipated premiere of Darren Aronofsky's ('The Wrestler') ballet drama 'Black Swan,' starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel and Barbara Hershey. In it,...

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