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Disney's 'Cinderella' Exhibit: Kenneth Branagh Movie Promises to Dazzle (PHOTOS)

Posted By Chris Jancelewicz on Nov 24th 2014 12:11PM
Most of us remember the classic 1950 Disney cartoon "Cinderella." A heartwarming tale that dominated our childhoods for decades, it's now getting new life breathed into it by none other than legendary actor and director Kenneth Branagh. Set for release in March 2015, the live-action "Cinderella" promises to be a breathtaking film, complete with intricate costumes, sets, and design. Moviefone ... read more

WATCH LIVE: Jeremy Renner & Michael Cuesta on 'Kill the Messenger'

Posted By Corey Teich on October 10, 2014
Actor Jeremy Renner and director Michael Cuesta have teamed up to make one of the fall's hottest films: "Kill the Messenger" Watch as they stop by AOL BUILD to discuss the dramatic thriller of a journalist who risks everything to expose the CIA's funding of Nicaraguan rebels. WATCH LIVE 10:30 a.m. ET / 7:30 a.m. PT. ...

5 Things We Learned About 'Men, Women & Children' From Jason Reitman

Posted By Rick Mele on October 10, 2014
According to Jason Reitman, his new film "Men, Women & Children" is about the Internet as much as "Juno" was about teen pregnancy, or "Thank You For Smoking" was about cigarettes; really, he's interested in exploring people, not timely issues. Adapted from Chad Kultgen's 2011 novel, the movie follows a group of Texas high schoolers and their parents, focusing on the many ways the Intern...

The Trailer For 'Tak3n' (AKA: Taken 3) Has Arrived (VIDEO)

Posted By Brian Trinh on October 10, 2014
The trailer for Taken 3 err... "Tak3n", is out and it looks like Liam Neeson is back to his old ways of kicking ass and taking names. After two successful movies featuring a weary Bryan Mills traveling around the world killing criminals to protect his family, "Tak3n" looks to inject a few twists in what could be the final film of the franchise. Based on the trailer, it looks like Nees...

Netflix's First Original Movie Will Be A Sequel

Posted By Brian Trinh on October 10, 2014
Michelle Yeoh returns as Yu Shu-Lien in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend". Netflix has found plenty of success with "Orange Is The New Black" but it looks like the online video-streaming service is experimenting with a new colour: green. The company announced on Tuesday that it will be releasing "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend", its first original movie t...

'The Judge' Selected For TIFF 2014 Opening Film

Posted By Brian Trinh on July 07, 2014
The Toronto International Film Festival's opening movie may not be "Iron Man 4", but it will feature the same leading man come early September. David Dobkin's "The Judge" will open TIFF 2014, according to a release sent out by festival organizers on Friday. "The Judge" stars Robert Downey Jr. as Hank Palmer, a hot-shot lawyer forced to return to his childhood home after his father is accused ...

'Dumb and Dumber To' Trailer: Harry and Lloyd Are Back (VIDEO)

Posted By Chris Jancelewicz on June 06, 2014
It's been over 20 years since we last saw Harry and Lloyd (Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey) in "Dumb and Dumber," but the boys are back! We can see from the first trailer for the sequel, "Dumb and Dumber To," that things are just as raunchy and repulsive as the first one. Don't believe us? OK, then we hope your'e fine with a catheter being pulled out forcefully and a little ... ahem .. old-p...

'Divergent': 10 Things We Learned on the Set of the Shailene Woodley Blockbuster

Posted By Sandie Angulo Chen on January 01, 2014
Summit If you've seen the full-length trailer for "Divergent," you understand why we're so excited about the dystopian romance based on author Veronica Roth's best-selling books. Roth's Chicago-set trilogy about a society where teenagers must choose Factions (communities) based on their character strengths (Erudite for the intelligent; Amity for the friendly; Candor for the honest; Abnegation fo...

Brian Fantana's 'Anchorman 2' Character Poster Reeks of Sex Panther (EXCLUSIVE)

Posted By Jonny Black on November 11, 2013
Paramount Is New York ready to get wild? "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," the long awaited follow-up to "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," features our beloved Channel 4 news team making their way to Manhattan -- and stopping at nothing to reclaim the No. 1 spot atop the ratings. With the highly anticipated comedy right around the corner, posters, trailers, clips (you name it) are p...

'Thor: The Dark World' End Credits Scene Leaves Director Alan Taylor Unhappy

Posted By Katie Roberts on October 10, 2013
Marvel WARNING: The following post contains a SPOILER about a scene that appears in the end credits of "Thor: The Dark World." Stop reading now if you want to be surprised by the scene in theaters. A scene added to the end credits sequence of "Thor: The Dark World" is getting negative reviews from a surprising source: the film's director. Alan Taylor, who helmed the sequel to 2011's "Tho...

'The Fault in Our Stars': Why Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort Will Be Perfect

Posted By Sandie Angulo Chen on September 09, 2013
Getty "The Fault in Our Stars" has begun production in Pittsburgh, and it's one of the fastest page-to-screen adaptations in recent movie history. Award-winning author John Green's runaway critical and commercial success (it topped dozens of Best of 2012 lists) was published in January 2012, and the film is scheduled to hit theaters next year. There's a lot riding on getting this brilliant you...

2013 Fall Movie Preview: Sci-Fi & Horror

Posted By Eric Larnick on September 09, 2013
Lionsgate Autumn is usually when Oscar hopefuls begin to roll out on the calendar, but it's also a time for pulpy thrills and out-of-this-world entertainment. The one-two punch of science fiction and horror always seem to fit the mood of fall; after all, what better entertainment is there for cold weather, dark days, and Halloween? We've profiled the most anticipated comedies, dramas, and fam...

Oscar Buzz Begins in Earnest at Venice, Telluride, and Toronto Film Festivals

Posted By Gary Susman on September 09, 2013
Fox Searchlight With critics and movie buffs flocking to fall film festivals like swallows returning to Capistrano, it's clear that Oscar season is upon us again. Already, the buzz is strong for movies that played last week at Venice and Telluride, and the air in Toronto is thick with anticipation for likely contenders playing there later this week and next. Therefore, we can anoint some favor...

'Killing Season' Trailer: John Travolta Hunts Robert De Niro

Posted By Kelly Woo on June 06, 2013
Millenium Pictures It's hard to believe that Robert De Niro and John Travolta have never starred in a movie together, but the two Hollywood heavyweights are finally facing off in "Killing Season." As the first trailer shows, De Niro is a Bosnian war veteran who's shut himself off from his family and the rest of the world in the Appalachian Mountains. Travolta is a lost hunter with a bad a...

'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Hard Copy Video Looks Into Mystery

Posted By Sharon Knolle on December 12, 2011
The "feel bad movie of Christmas" doesn't open until Dec. 23, but in the meantime, you can delve into the secrets of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' with a new viral video. Posted to Mouth Taped Shut is what seems to be an episode of the old 'Hard Copy' tabloid TV, complete with cheesy reenactments, cheesy '80s hair and lo-res, seemingly 30-year-old VHS. The 'Swedish Mystery' episode delve...

'The Dark Knight Rises' Prologue: Where You Can See It

Posted By Sharon Knolle on December 12, 2011
Counting down the days until 'The Dark Knight Rises' prologue hits theaters on Dec. 16? Now you can also plan your route to the nearest IMAX theater, where the six-minute-opening will play in front of showings of 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.' Warner Bros. has just released the list of the 42 IMAX theaters in the U.S. and Canada where you can see the prologue that introduces villain B...

Robert Pattinson's 'Bel Ami' Gets Distributor

Posted By Sharon Knolle on November 11, 2011
Robert Pattinson's film 'Bel Ami,' in which he plays a 19th century gigolo, is no longer in limbo. The movie was just picked up for U.S. distribution by Sony Pictures. Photos of Pattinson romancing costars Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci have already been released for the movie, which is based on a story by French author Guy de Maupassant. The film will begin its internat...

'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Trailer: Tom Cruise Risks His Neck

Posted By Sharon Knolle on October 10, 2011
In the new trailer for 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol,' Tom Cruise isn't just hanging from the side of the world's tallest building -- he's running down it and swinging from a tether in hopes of getting back inside. If you think that looks vertigo-inducing, wait until you see it in IMAX. Paramount invited Moviefone to see the footage in IMAX last week, and our fingers are still tingling...

Frank Oz and Other Muppeteers Not Happy With 'The Muppets'?

Posted By Sharon Knolle on October 10, 2011
For years, Frank Oz has been the voice (and hands) of Miss Piggy, but when he got the script for the new 'Muppets' film, he turned it down. "I wasn't happy with the script. I don't think they respected the characters," he tells the British site Metro. "But I don't want to go on about it like a sourpuss and hurt the movie." Oz might remain somewhat diplomatic, but he's not the only one concerne...

'Anonymous' Scaled Back to Limited Release at Last Minute

Posted By Sharon Knolle on October 10, 2011
'Anonymous' -- the movie that posits someone other than William Shakespeare wrote the great bard's plays -- was set to open nationwide on Oct. 28 on thousands of screens. Now, Sony Pictures has decided to release the film on only 250 screens. The studio changed its plans after pre-release surveys indicated that the drama wasn't tracking well, according to the L.A. Times. The Roland Emmerich-di...

See Peter Jackson's Comic-Con 'Screen Test' in New 'Tintin' Featurette

Posted By Sharon Knolle on October 10, 2011
If you weren't at this year's Comic-Con, you missed the massive geek moment when Peter Jackson -- a confirmed no-show before the event -- walked out onto stage to join Steven Spielberg at 'The Adventures of Tintin' panel. The director cleverly followed footage of himself auditioning for the role of Captain Haddock and now that "screen test" is online in a new making-of featurette. Turns out Sp...

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