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Ben Affleck Was Always the No. 1 Pick for Batman in 'Dawn of Justice'

Posted By Katie Roberts on October 10, 2014
Fanboys may have flipped their lids when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Caped Crusader in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," but according to the film's producer, the actor was filmmakers' first choice for the part. During a discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Charles Roven revealed that Affleck was at the top of the list for the role from the very beginning of the...

We're Getting Even More Episodes of 'Gotham'

Posted By Katie Roberts on October 10, 2014
Who needs Batman? Fox's "Gotham," an origin series about the villains populating Bruce Wayne's hometown, is doing just fine without the Caped Crusader, so much so that the network has ordered an additional six episodes of the series, bringing it to a full 22-episode season. The freshman drama, which stars Ben McKenzie ("Southland," "The O.C.") as a young Jim Gordon, has been a ratings darling...

Prepare Yourself for Even More 'American Horror Story'

Posted By Katie Roberts on October 10, 2014
The season premiere of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" is officially the most-watched episode in FX history -- and the stellar ratings have earned the series a fifth season. FX has released the numbers for the "Freak Show" season premiere's Live+3 ratings, and the episode has logged a whopping 13.36 million total viewers with encore runs factored in. Its first-run outing logged 10 million...

Watch John Oliver's Awe-Inspiring Rant Against Pumpkin Spice

Posted By Tim Hayne on October 10, 2014
"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver is passionate about a lot of things, but the latest object of his anger -- pumpkin spice -- seems a little out of place among his regular, more political topics. That's not to say his argument calling out the irrationality of America's very seasonal love for pumpkin and all of its flavorings is any less logical. Don't worry, there're plenty of jokes mixed in...

'The Mortal Instruments' Franchise Will Continue as a TV Series

Posted By Katie Roberts on October 10, 2014
"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" was a box office disappointment last year, delaying production of its sequel, "City of Ashes." But fans of the Cassandra Clare YA books will still have a chance to see an adaptation of the series, which is set to move to the small screen as a TV show. The Hollywood Reporter writes that "The Mortal Instruments" is being developed by production company...

The 10 Things You Need to Watch This Week

Posted By Jenni Miller on October 10, 2014
At a loss for what to watch this week? From new DVDs and Blu-rays, to what's streaming on Netflix, we've got you covered. New on DVD and Blu-ray "Desperately Seeking Susan" Suburban wife Roberta Glass (Rosanna Arquette) lives vicariously through the personal ads in the paper, especially those from and for a cool downtown rocker named Susan (Madonna). Roberta heads to the city for a little...

Marvel Is Plotting a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Animated Series

Posted By Drew Taylor on October 10, 2014
This summer's "Guardians of the Galaxy" was, ostensibly, a "surprise" smash. It wound up being the biggest hit not only of the summer, but of the entire year; a juggernaut that kept on raking in the dough. But it might not have been that much of a surprise, at least to the folks at Marvel and Disney, considering that an animated series is already well underway, set to debut on Disney XD (as part...

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Star Dave Bautisa Cast in Next James Bond Movie

Posted By Drew Taylor on October 10, 2014
One of the bigger surprises in this summer's "Guardians of the Galaxy," besides how cute the sentient tree creature ending up being, was wrestler Dave Bautista's performance as Drax the Destroyer, the thuggish warrior hell-bent on serving up some good, old fashioned revenge (for the murder of his family). He was tragic, funny, and showed amazing physicality in a handful of memorable action set...

'Gone Girl,' 'Dracula Untold,' and 'Addicted' Share the Box Office Wealth

Posted By Gary Susman on October 10, 2014
Who won at the box office this weekend? Sure, "Gone Girl" earned the most money -- an estimated $26.8 million -- but several other movies could also plausibly claim victory and bragging rights by different measures of success. Overall, this was a good weekend for nearly every new film and many holdovers, with the total box office up 30 percent from the same weekend last year (and that was when...

Let's Discuss That Mind-Blowing 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Premiere

Posted By Katie Roberts on October 10, 2014
It's been pretty clear over the past four seasons of "The Walking Dead" that the titular zombies are merely sideline characters in their own apocalypse, as the human stars of the show – and the crazy, high stakes drama that they manufacture – have been the main focus of the series since its inception. So it was a pleasant surprise to see a huge horde of the undead play such a key role...

'Revenge' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: A Family Affair

Posted By Mehera Bonner on October 10, 2014
Another day, another pearl-clutching episode of "Revenge" in which we ate our emotions in the form of lobster rolls. But before we get into tonight's recap, you're probably wondering whether Emily Thorne died in a fiery pit of doom thanks to Charlotte Grayson tapping into her inner arsonist during last week's episode. The answer is obviously no, because a) there's still more revenging to be done,...

'Gone Girl' Tops the Box Office for a Second Weekend, Beats 'Dracula Untold'

Posted By The Associated Press on October 10, 2014
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Four new films couldn't catch "Gone Girl" at theaters this weekend. According to studio estimates Sunday, the Fox thriller is set to top the box office for a second week with $26.8 million in ticket sales. Universal's "Dracula Untold" opened in second place with $23.4 million. Disney's family romp, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," debuted in...

11 TV Shows With Super Passionate Fan Bases

Posted By Alana Altmann on October 10, 2014
There are some TV shows that have fans, and there are some TV shows that have FANS. We're not talking about just DVR-ing each week to make sure they don't miss anything -- these diehard viewers have taken their enthusiasm to the next level. This past week, "Supernatural," a show known for its passionate fan base, headed into its milestone 10th season. But it's not the only TV series that has...

Great Goblin Babes! A 'Labyrinth' Sequel Is in the Works

Posted By Jenni Miller on October 10, 2014
The Jim Henson Company has a number of beloved franchises tucked away for safekeeping, like "Fraggle Rock," "The Dark Crystal," and "Labyrinth." Fans of the latter are especially obsessive; there's manga, extensive theories about the characters and universe, cosplay, tattoos, and more dedicated to the weird '80s tale. Obviously, any mention of "Labyrinth" would not slip past us, any more than...

'The LEGO Movie' Is Getting Its First Spinoff in 2017

Posted By Jenni Miller on October 10, 2014
No one thought it would be possible to make a good movie about Lego toys, but Chris Miller and Phil Lord made us eat our words in a major way with "The Lego Movie." We could be cynical about the just-announced "Lego Batman" movie that's headed to theaters in 2017, but we've learned our lesson when it comes to doubting that dynamic film-making duo. It's true. So excited. #Darkness #NoParents...

'Joe Dirt 2' Is Real and Happening

Posted By Jenni Miller on October 10, 2014
Digital entertainment is certainly a fertile industry these days. David Spade and Happy Madison Productions are putting together a sequel to "Joe Dirt" that will air exclusively on Sony's Crackle website and associated platforms. According to his official statement, Spade is "beyond stoked that 'Joe Dirt' will finally hit the screens again on Crackle. I've been sleeping in this wig for years...

Exclusive: Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith Talk Rogue Robots in 'Automata' (VIDEO)

Posted By Jenni Miller on October 10, 2014
In Gabe Ibáñez's sci-fi thriller "Automata," a solar flare has zapped a big chunk of humanity, and what's left is pretty dismal. The 22 million people left on earth use robots for practically everything, which means the ROC robotics corporation is large and in charge. Antonio Banderas stars as Jacq Vaucan, an ROC employee who investigates claims against the 'bots and whether or...

8 Lessons for a Successful 'Twin Peaks' Reboot

Posted By Gary Susman on October 10, 2014
There's a lot to unpack in this week's news that, 25 years after its demise, the groundbreaking dreamscape of "Twin Peaks" will be returning in 2016 as a nine-episode mini-series on Showtime. In this one news nugget, there's so many conclusions to be drawn about how much TV has changed in the last quarter century, what the medium is like now, and what viewers can and do expect from TV dramas...

5 Movies That Inspired Jason Reitman's 'Men, Women & Children'

Posted By Drew Taylor on October 10, 2014
When it comes to Jason Reitman's "Men, Women & Children," you can feel all the films that came before it (movies that tackled technological unease, marital stress, and burgeoning love), but he never goes out of his way to tip his hat to one film or another. It feels very much like a product of its time and not a pastiche or throwback. Still, when we chatted with the director recently, we...

17 Things You Never Knew About Luke Evans

Posted By Jonny Black on October 10, 2014
In the past few years, Luke Evans has gone from virtual unknown to an international star. The actor left his mark on the London Theatre, starring in several musicals before making his big screen debut in "Clash of the Titans." Since the 2010 film, Evans has starred in over a dozen movies, including hit franchises "The Hobbit," as Bard the Bowman, and "Fast & Furious," where he played an...

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