Aaron Paul, Scott Waugh Interview: 'Need For Speed'

"Need for Speed" star Aaron Paul loves to drive, and it's probably a good thing.

The wiry Paul plays Tobey Marshall, a guy with a lot to gain but also a lot to lose. Struggling to keep his family-owned garage afloat, Tobey reluctantly partners with the biggest jerk on the planet former NASCAR driver Dino (Dominic Cooper) to salvage his business. Things go wrong and Tobey ends up in prison. From there, everything gets messier -- and a helluva lot faster.

Moviefone sat down with Paul and "Need for Speed" director Scott Waugh to talk about how much stunt driving Paul did himself (a lot, apparently), and why this movie is nothing like "Fast & Furious."

(Watch video interview, above.)

"Need for Speed" is now playing in theatres.