Aaron Eckhart Interview: 'I, Frankenstein'

This ain't your daddy's Frankenstein. Nor is it your granddaddy's Frankenstein.

Aaron Eckhart plays Frankenstein's monster in "I, Frankenstein," but in this modern version, his name is Adam, and he's out to find more about himself and his identity. There are no bolts in his neck, though believe it or not, it was discussed.

Of course, it wouldn't be a movie if it were as simple as Adam searching for his purpose; complicating things is an age-old battle between gargoyles and demons from Hell, and poor Adam gets caught in the middle. Both factions want to understand his creation and inner mechanics so they can harness that power for themselves.

Moviefone Canada chatted with Eckhart about taking on this major literary role, how much working out he had to do (Eckhart is majorly buff as Adam), and whether or not he actually enjoys these heavy-makeup roles.

Watch video interview, above.