jason momoa man of steel sequelKevin Winter/Getty Images

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are hoping to snag Jason Momoa for a role in Zack Snyder's Batman/Superman mash-up. Momoa is in talks to join the movie currently known as "Batman Vs. Superman," but so far we can only wager a few guesses as to which superhero (or super-villain) he'll play.

The man who brought Khal Drogo to rippling, muscular life would be an excellent choice to play Justice League member Martian Manhunter, a buff bad-ass from outer space that would fit into a possible larger JLA franchise. He could also take on the role of Doomsday, a beastly Kryptonian whose only purpose and desire is to kill, baby, kill.

Momoa is no stranger to the universe of fantasy and sci-fi. In 2011, he donned a loincloth to play Conan the Barbarian in an attempt to refresh that '80s franchise. He also appeared in the popular sci-fi series "Stargate: Atlantis" as Ronon Dex. His other upcoming films include "Wolves," an action movie about -- you guessed it -- werewolves, and the sci-fi film "Debug." Reports had him attached to play Drax in "Guardians of the Galaxy," but that role eventually went to Dave Bautista.

Momoa also likes nice hats and leather vests.