Cobie Smulders 'Delivery Man' Interview

Did you know that "Delivery Man," the movie about a man who fathered 533 children starring Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders, was originally a Canadian movie called "Starbuck"?

Now, in 2013, the original director (Ken Scott) and screenwriter (Martin Petit) are back at the helm. "Delivery Man" is tough to define -- it doesn't fall into either the drama or comedy categories -- but the end result is the same: you leave the theatre with a warm heart.

Moviefone chatted with Smulders for a few minutes about her role, how her Canadianness played a part, and how she felt after watching the movie herself.

(Watch the video interview, above.)

"Delivery Man" is out in theatres on November 22.