Ryan Kwanten & Sara Canning, 'The Right Kind of Wrong' Interview

There are only a few really taboo things in life, and one of them has to be trying to get together with a bride on her wedding day -- when you're not the groom.

In "The Right Kind of Wrong," Ryan Kwanten is Leo Palamino, a man recently dumped by his girlfriend, who subsequently goes on to international fame with her blog and book "Why You Suck," which is entirely based on Leo and his shortcomings. He meets Colette (Sara Canning) at her wedding, and he desperately makes his move on her. The rest is comedic history.

Moviefone chatted with Kwanten and Canning at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the cute couple chatted about being rebellious, and why this just might be the first rom-com that guys can enjoy too.

(Watch video interview, above.)