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The deafening buzz surrounding this Palme d'Or prize-winner from Cannes has been growing ever since its premiere at the 2013 French festival, and we have the exclusive English-language poster (see below).

Of course, most people focus on the lesbianism and the much-ballyhooed 20-minute-long sex scene between the two female leads, Léa Seydoux (Emma) and Adèle Exarchopoulos (Adèle).

Rated NC-17 for graphic sexual content, the movie follows the beginning, middle and possible end of a lesbian relationship, and it doesn't pull any punches. In a cinematic world where same-sex relationships are often stereotyped and painted with a surface brush, "Blue Is the Warmest Color" is an in-depth, emotional look at the love between two women.

Written, produced, and directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, and is based on the 2010 graphic novel "Blue Angel." Despite some critics calling for editing to the explicit sexuality in the film, it is being released to all audiences without any cuts.

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blue is the warmest color

"Blue Is the Warmest Color" will be released in Canada in November 2013. The movie will premiere in the U.S. at the New York Film Festival in October 2013.