With ads prominently pushing both its R-rated laughs and Jennifer Aniston as a stripper, you've probably figured out by now that "We're The Millers" isn't exactly a conventional family road trip movie. That's because the Millers aren't your conventional movie family.

Lead by Jason Sudeikis (fresh off his recent exit from "Saturday Night Live") and Aniston and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber ("Dodgeball"), "We're The Millers" stars Sudeikis as David, a small-time pot dealer forced to graduate to international drug trafficking by his boss Brad (Ed Helms), who's like Tony Montana by way of Mr. Rogers. So, reasoning that clean-cut families draw less suspicion at the border, David recruits a fake wife and kids to help move his boss' product back from Mexico. Only this supposedly "all-American" family consists of a stripper, a runaway and a dorky teen.

In other words, the Millers aren't exactly a Norman Rockwell painting. So who are they then? I put together the following helpful guide to "We're The Millers" and its fake family.

David Miller
Played by: Jason Sudeikis
Real name: David Clark
Who he is: An easygoing bachelor who's perfectly content selling pot to new moms and local chefs, which makes him unmotivated -- at least compared to his former college partner, who's since become a massive drug lord and owns an orca. David's the type of dealer who's willing to loan his wares "on credit."
Who he's pretending to be: A khaki-wearing father of two with a Supercuts haircut and zero metric tons of drugs hidden in his RV. Or, the type of dad who thinks that buying (and wearing) matching sombreros is a fun idea.
Strengths: Delivering heartfelt climactic speeches and fake father/fake son talks, convincing people to do things they otherwise wouldn't, sharing.
Weaknesses: Negotiating, waiting for longer than 30 seconds, driving by himself.
What David really wants: A family to bicker with on long road trips. And to prove Sudekis can be a leading man.
Does it work?: David may resist at first, but because this is a "feel-good" movie masquerading as R-rated comedy, he's a changed man by the third act. That's undeniably cheesy, but thanks to Sudeikis' comic timing and well-practiced ability to play a likeable jerk, he's able to hold the family (and movie) together, even when David can't.

Rose Miller
Played by: Jennifer Aniston
Real name: Rose O'Reilly
Real real name: Sarah O'Reilly
Who she is: A "mean pretty" exotic dancer at a Denver strip club called Brass and Ass with a deadbeat ex-boyfriend, sleazy (some might say entrepreneurial) boss, and bad credit. She really hates David for some vague reason.
Who she's pretending to be: A Midwestern mom with a handle on her children and possessor of a million helpful tips for spicing up casseroles and marriages. She loves David and reading owners' manuals. Both for no apparent reason.
Strengths: Improvising prayer circles and stripper routines, kissing, latent maternal instincts.
Weaknesses: Paying rent, Pictionary, letting her guard down.
What Rose really wants: To have a husband and kids. And to prove Aniston is still a sex symbol.
Does it work?: By channeling her childhood summers with Aunt Barb and changing into "capri pants and sensible footwear," Rose makes the quickest transition of the bunch. And since we've already seen her take a motherly interest in a fellow co-worker, Rose's 180 from cynical stripper to protective fake mom isn't entirely unexpected. It also requires less suspension of disbelief than buying Aniston as a hard-luck veteran stripper, no matter how awkwardly or persistently "We're The Millers" pushes this.

Casey Miller
Played by: Emma Roberts
Real name: Casey Mathis
Who she is: A bratty "gutter punk" runaway who may not have a current mailing address, but does have an iPhone.
Who she's pretending to be: A model daughter who's capable of sitting in an RV for hours at a time without texting.
Strengths: Quick on her feet, curses like a sailor.
Weaknesses: A questionable taste in men, fireworks.
What Casey really wants: Parents who will yell at her.
Does it work?: Casey may trade in her lip piercings for pastel polo shirts, but her mouth is still stuck in the gutter. That said, her knack for lying bails the Millers out more than once. Ultimately, the real Casey proves far more useful (and entertaining) than the fake one.

Kenny Miller
Played by: Will Poulter
Real name: Kenny Rossmore
Who he is: A dorky teen whose mom wants nothing to do with him.
Who he's pretending to be: A dorky teen whose parents want nothing to do with him, but are willing to pretend otherwise.
Strengths: Not suspicious, sincere, has all the lyrics to TLC's "Waterfalls" memorized.
Weaknesses: Girls, spider bites, David, truthful to a fault.
What Kenny really wants: A family to hang out with, and a girlfriend.
Does it work?: Kenny already looked and acted the part going in, so becoming a Miller isn't much of a stretch. Still, thanks to his newfound fake family, he's able to learn how to talk to girls, how to kiss them, how to throw a punch, and the toxicity of Mexican tarantulas. And audiences are able to learn that Poulter is a hilarious rapper.

LeBron Miller
Played by: A brick of marijuana
Real name: Cannabis
Who he is: Illicit substances picked up from a Mexican kingpin. Also, an inanimate object.
Who he's pretending to be: A baby wrapped in a blanket.
Strengths: Quiet, never cries, everyone loves a baby.
Weaknesses: Drug-sniffing dogs, not a real human being.
What LeBron really wants: Undetermined.
Does it work?: No.

"We're the Millers" opens in theaters on August 7.

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