James Badge Dale has one of those faces; you know you've seen him somewhere, but can't quite place it. I remembered him from the 1990 version of "Lord of the Flies," in which he played the quiet Simon (he was only 10 years old!). But this summer, you can see him in "The Lone Ranger" as well as "Iron Man 3" and "World War Z."

While his characters may not be huge roles, they'll all integral to the stories being told. In "The Lone Ranger," he plays Sheriff Dan Reid, brother to the eventual Lone Ranger (played by Armie Hammer). With a grizzly mustache and a two-gun belt, it's clear that Dale relishes this role.

Moviefone sat down with Dale to talk about his turn as one of the good guys in "The Lone Ranger," his horseback riding skills, and what it's like to wear that bad-ass sheriff outfit.

(Watch video interview below)

'The Lone Ranger' Interview: James Badge Dale