Pixar has done no wrong.

OK, Walt Disney's computer animation power company has flirted with disaster, taking risks in the name of trying something new. But unlike every other production outfit or major Hollywood studio out there, they've never stooped to generic.

When CG cartooning was in its infancy, Pixar found ways to make it work and tell their stories. As it's evolved, the hyper-detail has allowed them to fill the screen with more jokes, more heart, and more imagination (wait until you see what's on display in this week's "Monsters University"). The fact that we can rank the filmography of Pixar is a bit of a gift.

Below, read our tribute to all 14 films of Pixar, ranked from "worst" (which ends up being "merely acceptable" in the context of the animation house's lifespan) to "great." The order may surprise you, but the general vibe shouldn't. We're Pixar fans:

Pixar's Brave Review by KidsFirst