Bad mood swings, raging hormones, a desire to raid the fridge -- ugh, teenagers are the friggin' worst! And they're always making AWFUL decisions. But, then again, you can't really blame them. Why? Well, just sit back right now and try to remember some of the stuff that you did as a teen. Yeah, pretty bad, right?

Well, thankfully, Hollywood makes it possible for us to avoid reliving these crazy experiences on a consistent basis, by releasing movies that show off the hilarious (and hilariously dumb) side of adolescence. A perfect example of this is in this weekend's, "Fun Size," which follows Wren, a teenager who is forced to babysit her little brother on Halloween night, but ends up losing him while they go trick-or-treating (yikes!).

So in honor of Wren's messup -- and for teenagers everywhere -- let's take a look at some of movie history's most memorable teenage mishaps.