"That's My Boy" -- opening Friday, June 15 -- marks the latest cinematic effort from Adam Sandler. If you look at the numbers, Sandler is clearly a beloved movie star, with his films routinely pulling in $200 million in global box-office profits. But, on the other hand, those same flicks are usually critically lambasted. (His RottenTomatoes rating is cringe-worthy, with only four of his movies being certified fresh.)

When it comes to his more serious projects -- "Punch Drunk Love," "Spanglish," "Reign Over Me" -- they tend to make a fraction of the profits his comedies do. Audiences are also not interested in watching other Sandler-produced films, which feature his same style of humor, but star his friends Rob Schneider ("The Hot Chick"), David Spade ("Dickie Roberts") or Nick Swardson ("Bucky Larson").

Obviously, the comedies Adam stars in are the ones that get all the attention and make all the bank (even a movie as harangued as "Jack and Jill" snagged $74 million in ticket sales). So, despite the critics, our question for you is this: Do you find Sandler's movies funny?

There are other comedians who make silly movies that are not nearly as popular, so what are your thoughts on Adam's brand of comedy? Do you watch his films? If your logic is, "I just want to see something funny that doesn't require me to think," then why are you sticking with Sandler? If you feel that he's reliable family entertainment, do you pay attention to his work, or are you just paying for anything that will keep your kids quiet for ninety minutes? If you think that his earlier movies like "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore" were genuinely funny, but he has since lost his touch, then where did he go wrong for you?

We want to hear from you: the Sandler haters and the Sandler lovers.

Vote in our poll, then let us know in the comments: What is your take on Adam Sandler's brand of comedy?