Despite some initial worry, it appears 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' is well on its way toward becoming a sizable hit -- especially for an R-rated film about incest and rape that runs nearly three hours in length. 'Dragon Tattoo' earned $19 million over the four-day holiday weekend and is up to $60 million here in the U.S., and the film has yet to open in many foreign territories. Not bad! It's also one of the most well-reviewed movies of the moment, with fans ranging from Oscar prognosticators to ... M. Night Shyamalan? Of course!

"Happy New Year to all. Been watching movies. 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' was exquisite," Shyamalan wrote on Twitter. "In my opinion David Fincher is the best director working today. Performances, the camera, tone, pacing. The full monty. I'm truly inspired."

Shyamalan, whose next film stars Will and Jaden Smith, said that his two favorite movies of recent history were 'Let the Right One In' and Fincher's 'The Social Network.'

[via @MNightShyamalan]

[Photo: Sony]

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