How do savvy New Yorkers prove they really, really love a movie? By making a Yelp page for its fictional fast-food joint and write faux-serious reviews, of course!

Such is the case for Eddie Murphy's 1988 comedy hit, 'Coming to America.' Some joker(s) created a very real review page for the movie's McDowell's restaurant, the knockoff establishment, which employed the "wild oat sowing" Murphy and his servant, played by Arsenio Hall.

The Yelp page has turned into a bona fide fan forum, allowing those so inclined to stretch their creative muscles and write a review teeming with as many quotes and references to the flick as possible.

A personal favorite:

"I went here for dinner after the Miss Black Awareness pageant and the food was pretty good.

However, I wish I hadn't copped that Randy Watson mixtape outside...I liked him better as Joe the Policeman on the What's Going Down ep of That's My Momma. You live and you learn."

Sounds like a sequel! 'Coming to America: The Klumps' or something.

Watch a young Samuel L. Jackson try to rob McDowell's in a hilariously NSFW clip from 'Coming to America' below.

[via Yelp]

[Photo: Everett]

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