At the 1967 Academy Awards, Mike Nichols's 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' was nominated for 13 Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Elizabeth Taylor and Best Actor for Richard Burton, her on-again-off-again husband. The fiery duo -- famously entangled in a bitter and passionate love affair -- were not strangers to sharing the spotlight, but when Oscar season rolled around, it was Liz who took home the gold.

Burton's nomination for 'Virginia Woolf' was one of seven he received during his lifetime of acting and yet, the emerald-eyed dreamboat never brought in a single win. Was Burton the victim of unfortunate timing or an Oscar conspiracy?

The editors at posit the latter scenario: that Burton was a victim of his matinee-idol good looks. In fact, judging from one reading of Oscar history, the more handsome an actor, the less likely it is that he'll snag an Oscar. From Brad Pitt to Leonardo DiCaprio to Will Smith to Harrison Ford, Hollywood's best-looking actors have long been ignored by the Academy. Does that mean Pitt (for 'Moneyball') and DiCaprio (for 'J. Edgar') will be on the outside looking in, again, at the Academy Awards in February? Or will Leo's unflattering old-man make-up (those jowls!) be enough to take home the trophy? And how do other dashing dudes like Colin Firth, Daniel Day-Lewis, Javier Bardem and George Clooney explain their recent Oscar wins? (Sheer talent alone?! Heavens no!)

Check out the full gallery over at, and weigh in about this possible conspiracy in the comments below.

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