Do you know why today is more special than every other day? Not because of the Golden Globe nominations, but because there are only 100 more days until 'The Hunger Games' arrives in theaters. In honor of this milestone, Lionsgate has taken the newest 'Games' poster and split it into 100 pieces spread all over the Internet. Your mission: to find all 100 pieces and put the poster together. The first person to do so will unlock the complete poster on the 'Hunger Games' Facebook page. Exciting! Will the odds be ever in your favor? Check out Moviefone's piece ahead (No. 8 out of 100), and find out more about 'The Hunger Games' Poster Hunt.

The details!

· Fans will have to collect all 100 pieces and put them together and then post to Facebook and @tag The Hunger Games Official Movie Page. After the first person solves the puzzle and posts, Lionsgate will reveal the poster on Facebook and websites -- like Moviefone!

· Track the progress of the released puzzle pieces on Twitter by searching for the #HungerGames100 Hashtag.

· Download the Moviefone 'Hunger Games' puzzle piece (8/100) directly by clicking here:

'The Hunger Games' arrives in theaters on March 23, 2012. Happy hunting!

UPDATE: The hunt is over! Congratulations to @johnshoward for solving the mystery. Check out the brand new poster below.

[Photo: Lionsgate]

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