Attention studios: are you looking for a bargain movie star? How about Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson or even -- yes -- Johnny Depp or Meryl Streep? While these names aren't usually associated with with the word "cheap," they are now, thanks to Forbes' Best Actors for the Buck countdown. To compile the list, Forbes added up movie stars's salaries from their last three non-animated films, then compared that with the total operating income from each of those movies. The result is how much the studio makes for ever dollar the actor gets paid. So, who's the biggest bargain?

Kristen Stewart sits in the top spot, with her films earning $55.83 for every dollar she's paid. (Thanks, 'Twilight' franchise.) Anne Hathaway is at No. 2 -- mainly because of her role in the enormous box office hit, 'Alice in Wonderland' -- with her films averaging $45.67 for each dollar. At No. 3 is Stewart's 'Twilight' co-star, Robert Pattinson, with a $39.43 average. And No. 4 belongs to Daniel Radcliffe, with a $34.24.

The entire list, which also features Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep, can be read here. Time to break out those checkbooks Hollywood!

[via Forbes and THR]

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