Kevin Smith is normally one to hold his tongue -- especially on Twitter -- so it's surprising that he took the Independent Spirit Awards to task after 'Red State' received a total of zero nominations from Film Independent earlier Tuesday. Pause here to insert your own comical strike-through over that sentence. Smith, who specializes in scorching earth, called out the Spirit Awards as "#fakeindie" on Twitter in the wake of the nominations, with special attention paid to his snubbed actors.

"How the fuck did the @SpiritAwards NOT nominate Michael Parks? Nor John Goodman? Nor Melissa Leo?" Smith wrote on Twitter. "Fuck your idiotic organization."

Smith released 'Red State' through his own Smodcast Pictures production company; the director even paid for a one-week Oscar qualifying run in June to allow Goodman, Parks and Leo the opportunity to become eligible for awards consideration.

Lionsgate released 'Red State' via on demand on Sept. 1.

[via @thatkevinsmith]

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