Carey Mulligan has already proven herself as an actress. In addition to her Oscar nomination for the 2009 film, 'An Education,' she has appeared in several critically acclaimed movies, including 'Drive' and 'Never Let Me Go.' However, when it came to auditioning for the role of Sissy in the upcoming drama, 'Shame,' she took a few drastic measures in order to get cast by director Steve McQueen. After speaking to McQueen about her feelings toward the role, and how it compared to the character of Nina she played in the stage production, 'The Seagull,' Mulligan went a step further.

I told [Steve] that I'd been thinking about getting this seagull tattoo on my wrist as a reminder, because there's this brilliant thing Nina does: She's had a child with this writer and she's lost the baby and she's lived in abject poverty; she's fraught but she's got this clarity, and she says, 'I know now that it's not about fame or glory or all the things I used to dream about. It's the ability to endure, to bear your cross and keep the faith. I do have faith, and when I think about my vocation, I'm not afraid of life.' ... When I told him about that little passage, he got excited and was like, ­'Yeeeah!' and I'm like, 'I'll get a tattoo!' and he's like, 'Great!' I got a call a couple of hours later that he was offering me the job and I think it was only because I told him I was getting a tattoo. [Laughs] I got the tattoo the following morning.

The lesson here: Don't underestimate the drastic measures some actors will go to get a role they want. Mulligan also spoke to New York Magazine about the time her and 'Drive' director Nicolas Winding Refn almost got arrested. While driving Refn to the set, the actress was pulled over -- after drinking a bunch of Red Bull for the first time ever. According to Mulligan, she told the officer "I'm not drunk I just had seventeen Red Bulls!" Luckily, the cop let them go.

You can read the entire Carey Mulligan interview over on New York's website. 'Shame' opens this Frida.

[via New York Magazine]


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