Tyler Perry has a bit of a love-hate relationship with movie critics, but Perry fanatics have always stood by the director. This all changed in October, when the filmmaker decided to cast actress, model, divorcee famous person Kim Kardashian in his upcoming movie, 'The Marriage Counselor.' Fans were not happy. Last week, the director wrote a post on TylerPerry.com, defending his choice.

I knew that this message [of this movie] was not only for my age group, but for all audiences, especially the youth... And not just the young people that follow me, but the young people that are following other young people, as well... About two months ago, long before I even heard about Kim's marriage or divorce, I was trying to finish up the casting. I said to one of my producers, 'who else is out there that young people are looking up to?' One of my producers showed me pictures that his daughter had taken of several hundred kids lined up around the corner to get into a Kardashian store. They wanted to meet Kim. I thought, what better person!... And lastly, because I believe that my films speak from the inside out, why wouldn't Kim Kardashian be invited into a film about Faith, Forgiveness and the healing power of God? What is wrong with that??

So, there you have it. Perry wanted to reach the youth of America. Hence, Kim Kardashian. You can read the entire post over on TylerPerry.com.

[TylerPerry.com via Movieline]

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