Meet Michael Fassbender. Or perhaps you already know him? The GQ-anointed Breakout (Star) of the Year played Magneto in 'X-Men: First Class,' had supporting roles in '300' and 'Inglourious Basterds,' portrays Dr. Carl Jung in David Cronenberg's 'A Dangrous Method,' and will be starring in the upcoming drama 'Shame,' a movie that's made headlines due to Fassbender's performance. as well as its NC-17 rating. With all the buzz surrounding the actor, he's become a press favorite of late -- interviews have been popping up on TV, magazines, newspapers and websites. To help narrow down all of the Fassbender coverage, Moviefone has put together a collection of his best quotes.

On not being recognized on the street [via GQ]
"[I] observe, blend in, and disappear amongst the crowd"

On the controversy surrounding his nude scenes in the movie 'Shame' [via HuffPost]
"Half of us have a penis and the other half have probably seen one, and so why should it be more normal to, like, chop people's heads off and shoot people? Does that mean that that's more acceptable or closer to us as human beings? ... Most of us have sex, so I don't understand what we're trying to sweep under the carpet or repress or not take a look at it."

On growing up in Ireland and being an altar boy [via TIME]
"I remember hearing that the spirit was always next to you, so I would always make room in my bed for the spirit ... I'd make room for the teddy bears, Jesus and me. And then I'd wake up in the morning, and I'd squashed 'em all."

On telling Quentin Tarantino that he played Mr. Pink in a theater version of 'Reservoir Dogs' (and doing an "uncanny impression" of the director) [via TIME]
"I said, 'Look, man, it was for charity,' and he said 'Hey, that's cool, man, that's cool, as long as people aren't making money off my shit.'"

On having the opportunity to do a comedy [via TIME]
"I would like to do a comedy ... A lot of directors and people in the industry probably think I'm this intense sort of dude, who's like, 'Don't talk to me right now,' and listening to goth in the corner naked with a banana preparing."

On possibly playing Robocop in the remake [via Collider]
"It could be kind of fun. It could be kind of good to have a helmet that I could hide behind, for most of the film, too. That sounds kind of appealing."

On playing Rochester in 'Jane Eyre,' a story that takes place in Victorian England [via A.V. Club]
"I think Victorian England was so restricted and repressed that when there are moments, it's like a volcano. When there are weak areas where it just sort of comes out, it's pretty primal, because it's being repressed 24-7. People aren't allowed to express themselves very openly with each other, certainly not physically. So when it comes out, it really explodes.

On auditioning for Quentin Tarantino [via AskMen]
"The first thing is it's sort of surreal. I was nervous, actually. But once you start reading with him, he just gets so into it, and he sort of embodies all of the different characters that he's reading. So it sort of frees you up, and then it's just about "

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