In anticipation of this week's release of 'Happy Feet Two,' starring the cutest penguins in Hollywood, Moviefone is celebrating the most disgustingly cute animated characters ever. Full disclosure: narrowing the list down was difficult. Not rocket-science-difficult, but definitely up there. Not only because there are just too many heart-burstingly adorable characters, but because whittling the list down led to many hours wasted staring at movie stills and YouTube videos, giggling like children.

It's quite the feat to turn thousands of individual pictures into a singular character an audience can connect to; even more so when it garners a lifetime appreciation from kids and adults alike. These characters are some of the most beautifully crafted art in film. We're warning you, they may cause unusually high-pitched "awws" and a desire to start a stuffed animal collection.

Watch the trailer for 'Happy Feet Two'
[Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.]

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