'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1' caused even more of a media circus than usual while filming. With wedding, sexy honeymoon and half-breed baby for Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, the two-part finale to the 'Twilight' series is what fans have been anxiously awaiting for years. But what about those pesky rumors that the first couple of human-vampire angst got a little too R-rated while consummating their on-screen marriage for PG-13 audiences?

It was reported that there were reshoots of certain honeymoon scenes (with the paparazzi shots to back it up), with the couple getting romantic for the cameras in the Caribbean several days after the film had reportedly wrapped. But when Moviefone caught up with 'Breaking Dawn' director Bill Condon at the 'Twilight' premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night, he was singing another tune entirely. Apparently, those weren't reshoots at all.

"We didn't reshoot it!" he said when questioned about the supposed extra scenes. "No, not at all! We never re-shot it. I just cut a few frames. [...] No reshoots!"

Asked about his comments that Kristen Stewart was "very into" the 'Breaking Dawn' sex scenes, Condon was similarly emphatic. "That was Rob -- that's wasn't me. He's allowed to be that rude about her," he said before laughing. "It was not me ... OK, I take it back!"

'Breaking Dawn Part 1' is out in theaters on Friday. You can find out more about Condon and 'Breaking Dawn' by reading Moviefone's recent interview with the director here.

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