It looks like the Muppets have done their holiday shopping early this year. The Holiday Gift Guide in this week's New York Magazine reveals what the stars of the upcoming movie got each other for Christmas. While some lead toward the obvious (Amy Adams got Miss Piggy a pair of Tiffany's sunglasses), others are a bit surprising (Sarah Silverman got Statler and Waldorf two nights in the Honeymoon Suite at the Waldorf-Astoria because "marriage for everyone is finally legal in New York"). Moviefone has listed some favorite picks below. To check out the entire list, head on over to New York online.

• Kristen Schaal got Sam the Eagle a "toupee styled like Ronald Reagan's famously sleek pompadour. If Sam is ever feeling frustrated with the country's morality, it should do the trick."

• Rashida Jones got the Swedish Chef 'Painless English for Speakers of Other Languages.' As she says, "It's time for him to communicate with his Muppet friends."

• Jason Segel got Kermit a green banjo made from recycled material.

[via NYMag]

[Photo: Disney]

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