Bashing Robert De Niro's recent choice of roles is a bit played out at this point, but the actor has done his defenders no favors by starring in films like 'Killer Elite' and 'New Year's Eve.' However, could the days of 'Fockers'-related insults be over? If the first trailer for 'Being Flynn' is any indication, then ... maybe! The new film from director Paul Weitz stars De Niro as the estranged father of a young writer (Paul Dano) who runs into his father at various homeless shelters around Boston. If that sounds familiar, but 'Being Flynn' doesn't, perhaps you remember this project from its original title: 'Another Bullshit Night in Suck City.'

Based on the memoir by Nick Flynn (the role Dano plays), 'Being Flynn' has been in development since 2007 when Fox picked up the film rights. Directed by Paul Weitz -- an Oscar nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay for 'About a Boy,' as well as the guy who directed De Niro in 'Little Fockers' -- 'Being Flynn' is scheduled to hit theaters in the spring. Could Weitz -- the man who helmed one of De Niro's low points -- help the two-time Oscar winner return to glory? Watch below and judge for yourself.

'Being Flynn' will hit theaters in Spring 2012. Head on over to Apple to check out the HD trailer.

[via Apple]

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