Six movies open this weekend, but only two have unbelievably awful titles: 'Young Goethe in Love' and 'The Son of No One.' The first one is about a guy named Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who's, y'know, in love! The second stars Channing Tatum and Al Pacino, and possibly features a guy who somehow materializes from thin air. Because he's the son of no one.

Anyway, our point: Movies with bad titles aren't just a new phenomenon. They've been around for years! Some directors figure that naming their project something ridiculous will get them press (which sometimes works; see: 'Snakes on a Plane'); others unknowingly name their film something that actually just stinks. Alas.

In honor of 'Young Goethe' and the aforementioned miracle son, Moviefone presents the Worst Titles in Movie History.

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