How does one of the biggest movie stars in the world manage to keep a low profile amid a culture of 24/7 celebrity news coverage? They kinda can't, which is why it's almost unfathomable -- and even admirable -- that Leonardo DiCaprio somehow manages to be uber-famous all while keeping his rockstar-esque mystique.

With that in mind, how does an entertainment reporter approach an interview with Leo? Well, if you're New York Times writer Brooks Barnes, you ask him about his supermodel girlfriends, attempt to charm the hell out of him, then completely spoil the end of one of his movies. Therefore, Moviefone presents to you the five most cringe-inducing quotes from today's New York Times profile of Leonardo DiCaprio.

On dating supermodels
"And personal questions are not appreciated. Just why is it that he dates all of those supermodels? He threw a look -- um, duh, wouldn't you if you could? -- and then frosted over. 'I've never really talked about that kind of stuff, and, very respectfully, I'm going to keep it that way,' he said."

On how his 'J. Edgar' makeup could lead to some sexually-charged fanfic
"[DiCaprio] estimates that he spent about two weeks of the 39-day shoot as 'old [J. Edgar] Hoover,' which required sitting up to five hours a day in [the] makeup chair... 'It's like you've been slathered in honey and wrapped in a giant duvet.' (Told by a reporter that he had just created a new fantasy for his crazier female fans, he laughed.)"

On his role in 'Shutter Island,' which gets unceremoniously spoiled
"[DiCaprio's] characters are mostly tortured, unsympathetic, larger-than-life guys created with the help of a tiny club of A-list directors, most notably Martin Scorsese ... [DiCaprio plays] a mental patient in 'Shutter Island.'" [Editor's note: Hope you weren't waiting for that one to come from Netflix!]

On his 'J. Edgar' weight gain
"Mr. Black also remembers Mr. DiCaprio's fondness for German chocolate cupcakes. 'Some of those pounds on later [J. Edgar] Hoover were not prosthetic,' he said. 'I'll say it. Leo got a little fat.'"

On his 'playful' eyes
"In person Mr. DiCaprio comes across exactly as you suspect he would. He was tired, arriving at a morning interview the day after flying back to Los Angeles from Australia, where he had been filming 'The Great Gatsby.' But he was also playful -- those blue eyes may have been jet lagged but they still managed to twinkle -- and exceedingly polite."

[via NYT]

[Photo: Warner Bros]

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