It's amazing to look back at a film like 'Jurassic Park' and see how well the special effects hold up. The sequences seem almost too good for a movie that was released in 1994. For that, viewers can thank Dennis Muren, the visual effects wiz who worked on the first two movies in the series. With the 'Jurassic Park' trilogy released on Blu-ray this week, Muren spoke to the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog, where he revealed the process of making the dinosaurs as lifelike as possible, as well as the continued legacy of the first 'Jurassic Park.'

It started out with us thinking, 'Well, maybe we could do dinosaurs in the distance with computer graphics, and have 'em running and all, but never get much closer than wide shots.' But as we were doing it, we just tried and got more bold, and got closer on 'em and closer 'til we ended up doing a close-up on a T. rex with a performance that you've never seen before, because you could never get the acting of those animals with animatronics or with rod puppets or Muppets or anything. There was just no way to do it. It was really a real shocker for the audience and ourselves too, when we saw the film and we saw those shots.

The piece also has two cool behind-the-scenes videos from the 'JP' Blu-rays, including interviews with the cast about how their work in the film affected the rest of their careers. Click through to check it out.

[via LAT/Hero Complex]

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