According to a local Vancouver "hip-hop artist," Shia LaBeouf allegedly threatened to pull out a knife after getting pummeled in the head by a shirtless man outside the Vancouver bar Cinema Public House last week.

TMZ interviewed Shea Carter, the man who restrained LaBeouf after the fight (see video here), and the local said that LaBeouf was allegedly drunk and "swaying into patrons" at the bar. After the scuffle outside, Carter stopped LaBeouf from going back into the bar, something that upset the 'Transformers' star. "Well what if I grabbed my knife on you?" he reportedly said. LaBeouf never actually showed the knife.

The star is in Vancouver shooting 'The Company You Keep' with director and star Robert Redford. His representatives have yet to comment on the incident.

[via TMZ]

[Photo: Getty]

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