On Halloween night in 1993, actor River Phoenix died of an apparent drug overdose outside a Los Angeles club, ending his promising life and career. Now, 18 years after his death, Phoenix's final film may get some form of release. Dutch director George Sluizer tells THR that he's planning to finish 'Dark Blood,' the 1993 thriller Phoenix was working on at the time of his death.

'Blood' tells the story of a hermit (Phoenix) living on a nuclear testing site, waiting for the world to end. (Timely!) His quiet life gets awoken when a rich couple (Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis) arrive seeking shelter, and a relationship forms between the wife and Phoenix's character.

Sluizer -- who directed the Dutch film 'Spoorloos,' which was remade as 'The Vanishing' with Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock -- says he hid 'Dark Blood' after Phoenix's death because of fear the footage would be compromised or destroyed. He's kept in touch with Phoenix's family and plans to have River's brother Joaquin record voiceover for the film. Said Sluizer: "The voices of both brothers are very much alike."

[via THR]

[Photo: Everett Collection]

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