The first 'Paranormal Activity' is seen through the perspective of a home movie shot by a couple who find their house haunted by a demon. In 'The Blair Witch Project,' viewers are shown footage that was discovered in the woods after the disappearance of three students. 'Cloverfield' is made up entirely of amateur video found in what used to be Central Park.

We smell a trend here! In the age of hi-def, some horror directors have opted to shoot their movies the same way a father would his kid's soccer games. (Smile at the camera, Johnny -- but watch out for that demon!) Granted, the found-footage genre isn't technically new -- it's just reached a new level of popularity in recent years. In actuality, the homemade-styled horror flick dates back to 1980, with the Italian film 'Cannibal Holocaust,' and while many of these types of projects have flopped over the years (we're looking at you, 'Apollo 18'), others have hit cult status.

In honor of this week's opening of 'Paranormal Activity 3,' we bring you the Best Found Footage Films Ever.

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