There wouldn't be nearly as much fanfare surrounding 'The Woman in Black' if it wasn't Daniel Radcliffe's first post-'Harry Potter' film. On paper, the movie sounds like your standard horror flick: a young lawyer travels to a small town and discovers a ghost freaking out the locals. However, when the short but terrifying teaser premiered back in August, many surprised by -- well, how good the film looked. Does the first full trailer for the movie keep that good will going?

Yep! While it's hard to judge an entire film by a two-minute clip, 'The Woman in Black' trailer points to a project that should be quite entertaining. Your friendly Moviefone editors are rooting for Daniel to come out on top with this one. After all, we wouldn't want Potter fans on Quiddich brooms chasing us around the rest of our lives, either.

[via MSN]

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