Even in today's partisan political climate, you'd think their would be some activities -- like going to the movie theater -- that would transcend party lines. Well, not according to a recent study done by The Hollywood Reporter. In a poll featuring both liberal and conservative voters, 35 percent of Republicans (and 45 percent of tea party members) consider an actor's political position when seeing a film as opposed to 20 percent of Democrats. The study also pinpoints the percentage of people who purposely avoid an actor's movie due to their political preferences.

Stars Republicans Avoid
  • Sean Penn (52%)
  • Jane Fonda (48%)
  • Whoopi Goldberg (47%)

Stars Democrats Avoid
  • Mel Gibson (36%)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (30%)
  • Tom Cruise (27%)

While the statistics aren't particularly shocking -- Schwarzenegger, Penn, Fonda and Goldberg are all outspoken about their beliefs -- the study shows that there are two stars who completely transcend political lines: Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon, which is pretty interesting since both are boisterous about their ideologies (Eastwood is Libertarian, Damon is a staunch liberal).

Other findings in the study include the percentage of voters who think America is portrayed well in films (62 percent of Democrats as opposed to 39 percent of Republicans) and the types of movies voters enjoy (Republicans prefer family films, Democrats prefer edgier movies).

You can read the entire study over on THR.

[via THR]

[Photo: AP]

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