When Lionsgate pulled 'One for the Money' with Katherine Heigl off its June 3 release date back in March, the studio said it was looking for "the right home for [the film]." That home is now Jan. 27, 2012, a calendar position which should tell you a lot about 'One for the Money.' (Movies out during the last weekend of January this year: 'The Rite' and 'The Mechanic.') If the date doesn't convince you of 'One for the Money's' bona fides, the new trailer might. Katherine Heigl's New Jersey accent, FTW? "He's worth 50 grand!"

That is screen legend Debbie Reynolds shooting a turkey! Jokes aside, 'One for the Money' looks... kinda fun? Like 'Midnight Run' for people who liked 'The Bounty Hunter'?

Based on the bestselling Stephanie Plum series of books by Janet Evanovich, 'One for the Money' opens on Jan. 27, 2012.

[via Yahoo!]

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