What better way to market your movie about a boxing robot then getting in a fight yourself? At least that's the stance 'Real Steel' star Hugh Jackman took on Monday night as a guest host on WWE Raw.

During a match between wrestlers Dolph Ziggler and Zach Rider, Jackman -- who was standing ringside -- decided to get involve by blindsiding Ziggler with a punch in the face. (Although, this being the WWE, it was more like a "punch.")

As you can see in the clip below, the whole bit is done pretty well. However, one thing that wasn't done well: the sly reference to Jackman's film from the sideline announcer, calling the actor's punch a "real steal" (yuck, yuck yuck) for Zach Rider.

[via AOL TV]

Image courtesy of QUEEN INTERNATIONAL/bauergriffinonline.com