Probably the last thing you'd expect from 'Trailer Park Boys' director Mike Clattenburg is a semi-humorous look at the war in Afghanistan. But that's precisely what you get at this year's Toronto Film Festival: Clattenburg and writer Barrie Dunn collaborated on 'Afghan Luke,' a movie about an of-sorts embedded journalist as he tries to uncover The Ultimate Story from the war-ravaged country.

Of course, there is some commentary on the current war in the Middle East, but the film also looks at the state of affairs in a country we don't know very much about (but like to think we do). It also examines the ethics of journalism -- what is the story we're looking for, and to what point will we go to find it? Starring Nick Stahl, Steven Cochrane and Nicolas Wright, the movie is up-close and personal in its examination.

Moviefone sat down with the guys to talk about 'Afghan Luke,' the inspiration behind the film and what the military had to say about it.