Politics. Who needs it? After learning two days ago that the former Governator signed on for a "substanial" role in 'The Expendables 2,' it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't stopping there.

is now reporting that Ahnuld is currently circling the lead role in 'Captive,' an action thriller about an American real estate magnate who gets kidnapped in Brazil and held for ransom in an armored car. With a script by Benjamin van der Veen already in place and a year left to find a director before shooting starts in 2012, Arnold seems eager as sin to drop the tie and get back in the action game.

Still waiting for a casting confirmation, but at least we've got two more years to get used to the Arnold comeback until 'Last Stand' hits theaters.

[via Deadline]

Photo courtesy of John Shearer/WireImage.com.
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