Set three days before the events of John Carpenter's 1982 remake (also titled 'The Thing'), the upcoming horror thriller 'The Thing' follows an Arctic scientific team that stumbles upon a crashed alien ship, accidentally awakens the creature buried inside, and then finds out the hard way that the alien is a shape-shifting killing machine. All in a day's work.

While we don't know the first thing about Arctic research (or how we would react after such a find), we've seen enough horror movies to know that you let sleeping monsters lie. As you can see in the latest clip from MTV, though, these scientists are clearly not on the level.

Turn off your blowtorches and click through for the latest creepy clip from 'The Thing.'

Head over to MTV to read what Mary Elizabeth Winstead had to say about the film and look for 'The Thing' in theaters on Oct. 14.

How do you think the 2011 prequel is going to compare to the 1982 remake?

[via MTV]

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures.