First off, thanks to everyone who voted in Round 1. Now let's take a look at the results ...

• In the Superheroes' Girlfriends contest, Natalie Portman took down Blake Lively by a score of 65 percent to 35 percent. Sorry, Blake, but at least your margin of defeat here wasn't as wide as the Rotten Tomatoes scores for your respective movies ('Thor': 77 percent; 'Green Lantern': 27 percent).

• In the battle of Brawn vs. Brains, it was Brawn, in the form of Zoe Saldana, overcoming Brains, Freida Pinto, 69–31. Freida can probably rest easy, though, as 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' opened with over $50 million and is all but guaranteed a sequel, while 'Colombiana' barely broke $10 million.

• In our first Franchise contest, the Women of 'Transformers' absolutely demolished the Women of 'Final Destination,' 72–28, setting up a Clash of the Titans with the Women of 'X-Men.' Hard to find anything to help ease the pain the ladies of 'FD' are surely feeling, although there have been five 'Final Destination' flicks to only three 'Transformers' entries. Five is more than three -- a clear victory!

• Finally, it was Rosario Dawson over Penelope Cruz in the closest contest of the first round, a score of 59–41. Not to worry, Penelope -- 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' only made about $900 million more than 'Zookeeper.'

Round 2 is when things get really fun -- our top seeds now enter the tournament, and they are some heavy hitters indeed:

(Click on each contestant's name or picture to review her full gallery.)

It's the 'Black Swan' rematch the world has been waiting for! Mila is riding high these days on the strength of her hit comedy 'Friends With Benefits' (and this fantastic GQ pictorial), but Natalie is coming off an Oscar win and a dominating Round 1 defeat of up-and-comer Blake Lively. Oh, and we'd be remiss if we didn't include a link to a certain scene these two shared not too long ago ...
Who's sexier: Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman?
Mila Kunis772 (62.9%)
Natalie Portman441 (35.9%)
14 (1.1%)

'Spy Kids: All the Time in the World' may not have been a smash, but that hasn't lessened fans' love for Miss Alba. Since her turn as Nancy in 'Sin City,' the world has been fully aware that she can out-sexy just about anyone on Earth. Which presents quite a challenge for Zoe this round, despite her prior thrashing of Freida Pinto. In a contest of sheer badassery, Zoe probably takes it, but this is quite a different venue. Will we see an upset?
Who's sexier: Jessica Alba or Zoe Saldana?
Jessica Alba823 (68.4%)
Zoe Saldana380 (31.6%)

A true toss-up, this is the Fight of the Franchises. Superhero movies stomped their way to a dominating victory in our Movie Genre vs. Movie Genre tournament not too long ago, but will that popularity be enough to take out the potent twosome of Megan Fox and a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Sure, the 'X-Men' roster is deeper, but they're facing the woman many would say is the sexiest in the world, plus a Victoria's Secret Angel. Our money's still on the mutants, but we wouldn't be surprised to see a No. 1 seed knocked out here.
Who's sexier: the Women of 'X-Men' or the Women of 'Transformers'?
Women of 'X-Men'575 (47.8%)
Women of 'Transformers'628 (52.2%)

In a battle of two of the most eye-grabbing magazine covers we've seen in years, we couldn't possibly pick a winner, and that deadlock extends to the Olivia-vs.-Rosario matchup here. Olivia looked to have a good shot at Queen of Summer 2011 not too long ago, but 'Cowboys & Aliens' and 'The Change-Up' disappointed, both critically and commercially. Meanwhile, the less said about Rosario's 'Zookeeper,' the better. So let's just keep this contest focused on what it is: a choice between two of the sexiest, most beautiful women in Hollywood. (May their next films be better.)
Who's sexier: Olivia Wilde or Rosario Dawson?
Olivia Wilde839 (70.5%)
Rosario Dawson351 (29.5%)

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Photos: Everett Collection, GQ, Rolling Stone, W magazine, Calvin Klein, Fox, Sony, DreamWorks, Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros.