With the summer wrapped up and the kids heading back to school, what better way to ring in a new season of new releases than with a Fall Movie Preview. Since the only big movies hitting theaters this Friday are 'Apollo 18' and 'Shark Night 3D,' we're starting things off with a bang and running down the list of big, bad horror movies coming out.

From aliens to poltergeists to God-fearing gun nuts, click through to check out the scares and screams you've got to look forward to in the next couple months.

'Apollo 18'

Opening: September 2

Who's In It? No cast names are listed, but it's directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego and written by Brian Miller.

What's It About? A horror movie centered around long-lost footage of NASA's abandoned Apollo 18 moon-landing mission. Astronauts land on the moon, soon find out they're not the only ones there, then things go from bad to worse as they fight for their lives to get back to Earth.

Are We Excited? Some might be turned off by the whole "'Blair Witch' on the moon" premise, but we actually think it's pretty awesome. Not only was the trailer was creepy as sin, but truth be told, there just aren't enough movies set on the moon these days. Since our only new release options on September 2 are this or 'Shark Night 3D,' something tells us we'll be cashing in on 'Apollo 18.'

Are you excited for 'Apollo 18?'
You bet.552 (59.7%)
No way.372 (40.3%)

'Shark Night 3D'

Opening: September 2

Who's In It? Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, and Chris Carmack, among others. Directed by David R. Ellis; written by Will Hayes and Jesse Studenberg.

What's It About? Hard to say, really, but we think it has something to do with a bunch of young, attractive 20-somethings getting terrorized by a great big hungry three-dimensional waterbeast.

Are We Excited? Absolutely. We were oddly charmed by the sheer absurdity and gobs of gore and gratuitous nudity in 'Piranha 3D,' so we're crossing our fingers that the makers of 'Shark Night' follow that game plan. Of course, it could be utterly terrible too. This one doesn't have Jerry O'Connell, after all.

Are you excited for 'Shark Night 3D?'
You bet.281 (29.7%)
No way.666 (70.3%)

'The Thing'

Opening: October 14

Who's In It? Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton, among others. Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., written by Eric Heisserer.

What's It About? Set three days before the events of John Carpenter's 1982 remake (also titled 'The Thing'), an Arctic scientific team stumbles upon an crashed alien ship and accidentally awaken the creature buried inside. When the alien life form begins killing members of the crew and mimicking them inside and out, the remaining survivors have to figure out who's still human before they become the next victims.

Are We Excited? Say what you will, but we're of the mindset that John Carpenter's 'The Thing' is still one of the greatest, if not the greatest, horror movie ever made. It still holds up, it isn't dated in the least, and it still scares the crap out of us. So while this latest update that sounds more like a shameless, unnecessary remake than it does a prequel has absolutely no chance of one-upping the horror legend from 1982, we are nevertheless on board to see what it has to offer. Seriously lacking in the Kurt Russell department, though.

Are you excited for 'The Thing?'
You bet.605 (67.4%)
No way.292 (32.6%)

'Red State'

Opening: October 18

Who's In It? Michael Parks, John Goodman, and Melissa Leo, among others. Written and directed by Kevin Smith.

What's It About? Three teenage boys respond to an online sex ad and get kidnapped by the radical religious wingnuts who set them up. Shortly after, the Midwest fundamentalists start executing these teenage sinners in the name of the Lord, that is until a local deputy starts poking his nose where it doesn't belong.

Are We Excited? What's not to love about a horror movie inspired by the Westboro Baptist Church? It's been a while since we've gone head-over-heels for a Kevin Smith movie, but we've loved this premise right from the get-go and we're champing at the bit to see how it delivers. Who cares if he's never made a horror movie before? After suffering through 'Cop Out,' we're pulling for a Kevin Smith comeback.

Are you excited for 'Red State?'
You bet.457 (57.8%)
No way.333 (42.2%)

'Paranormal Activity 3'

Opening: October 21

Who's In It? No one you've heard of. Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, written by Michael R. Perry.

What's It About? The third film in the 'Paranormal Activity' series is a prequel. It follows the two sisters who starred in the first films and will supposedly cover the origin of the demon from their childhood.

Are We Excited? We know what you're thinking: Another 'Paranormal Activity?' Enough with the horror sequels (and prequels)! However, after watching the creepy teaser trailer (seriously, it's pretty creepy. You should watch it now), we have to admit that we're at least a little curious to know what's in store this time around. The storyline for 'Paranormal Activity 3' not only sounds legit, but 'Catfish' directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will be heading up the project. Now we just have to make sure to not have "bloody mary"-related nightmares leading up to the movie, lest we be too scared to see it.

Are you excited for 'Paranormal Activity 3?'
You bet.491 (54.5%)
No way.410 (45.5%)

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Which horror movie are you most excited to see this Fall?

'The Thing' photos courtesy of Universal Pictures, 'Red State' photo courtesy of SModcast Pictures, 'Shark Night 3D' photos courtesy of Relativity Media.