The last time we saw Johnny Depp channeling Hunter S. Thompson, he was out in Las Vegas huffing ether. 'The Rum Diary,' based off the good doctor's first novel, takes place in a completely different location and era, where the main drug is, well, rum.

We have been psyched for an adaptation of this Thompson book ever since Johnny Depp signed on to the project back in 2000. After several bumps in the road, the movie was shot in 2009 and will finally be released October 28.
Yesterday, the first trailer for the film popped up online and, let's just say it's not quite what we expected. The dark tone of the book seems to be gone, replaced with something a little cheerier. However, it is nice to hear Depp doing his Hunter voice (a toned-down version of it, anyway) once again.

We definitely aren't writing off the movie yet, we are just being a little cautious. Check out the trailer below and judge for yourself.

[via Movieline]