Movies usually have working titles. Most of the time, they are pretty generic -- except for the ones for 'Toy Story,' that is. 'Toy Story 3' director Lee Unkrich (he worked on the first two films as editor and co-director, respectively) recently took to Twitter to reveal some of the titles Pixar was thinking of naming its flagship feature.

Apparently, there were over 200 potential titles for the film. Below, you can read a few of the best (and worst) ones. Our favorite, by the way, is 'Toyz in the Hood.'

  • 'The New Toy'
  • 'Made in Taiwan'
  • 'Moving Buddies'
  • 'To Infinity and Beyond'
  • 'Wind-Up Heroes'
  • 'The Cowboy and the Spaceman'
  • 'Spurs and Rockets'
  • 'Bring Me the Arm of Buzz Lightyear'
  • 'Wind the Frog'
  • 'Rex's First Movie'
  • 'For the Love of Peep'
  • 'Toyz in the Hood'
  • 'Each Sold Separately'

[via /Film]