By the Editors of AOL Music

It's only natural that the Muppets and the band OK Go hang out. Both Jim Henson's beloved puppets and Chicago's premier power-pop foursome make smart, tuneful pop music with a whimsical edge, and as the exclusive video below makes clear, both have a fondness for rocking bright colors. (Not that Kermit -- au natural, as always -- has much of a choice.)

OK Go has the honor of opening 'The Green Album,' a new collection of classic Muppet tunes reinterpreted by indie-rock admirers. The disc -- which you can hear in full on AOL's Listening Party -- also features My Morning Jacket, the Airborne Toxic Event, Sondre Lerche and Weezer, who previously worked with Kermit and company on the 2002 'Keep Fishin' video.

OK Go's funky version of the 'Muppet Show Theme,' like the other 11 tracks, arrives three months in advance of 'The Muppets,' a new film starring Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones and Jason Segel, who co-wrote the script.

While 'The Green Album' is by and large a fun listen, bonus points go to any Gen-Xer who can make it through 'Rainbow Connection' -- performed here by Weezer and Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams -- or Andrew Bird's 'Bein' Green' without blubbering like a little baby.

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